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Opinion: The 10 biggest blog bores

They go on, and on, and on. And on

We've rounded up the 10 web writers who just can't help but ramble on and on.

5. Arianna Huffington

Photo: Huffington Post

Whether you're a political junkie or a borderline anarchist, you can't easily escape the web publishing machine that is Arianna Huffington (born Arianna Stassinopoulos in 1950).

Despite sounding as though it would be exclusively about herself - seriously, what else could 'The Huffington Post' cover? - Huffington's web newspaper has arguably become the leading liberal political website (er, excuse us, 'media brand') on the net.

It's also the leading source of gale-force sententiousness, stuffed to the gills with blustery editorial after blustery editorial about every political subject under the sun. Huffington's actual comments appear relatively infrequently on the site - she blogs just a few times a week - but her influence is ubiquitous.

Kudos to Huffington for building up her brand to the point where she has become a household name. Pity, though, about the plagiarism lawsuit.

6. Mark Cuban

Photo: Doug Hopfer

Lest the humble domain name throw you off, Cuban's ego is even bigger than his supersize bankroll. The man who created Broadcast.com and sold it to Yahoo for billions has fashioned himself as more than just your average writer.

His blog spans myriad topics in the world of business and technology, and Cuban is altogether full of advice, mostly of value to fellow billionaires.

7. Dave Winer

Photo: Joi Ito

After decades of toiling in software startups that you've never heard of, Winer was in the right place at the right time and became a pioneering force during the early days of the web.

Nevertheless, he's still working off the chip on his shoulder that came from inventing RSS and (debatably) blogging itself without receiving adequate credit for them.

Winer caused his biggest disturbance in the Force when he abruptly (albeit temporarily) shut down his free blog-hosting service, Weblogs.com, leaving thousands of users in the dark. Hates everyone. Tried to push the idea of providing a permalink to every paragraph in a blog, as if it were a Bible verse.

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