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17 ways Greasemonkey can revolutionise Firefox

Get more from the mobile web with these tweaks

Add cool features to Gmail, streamline the web, and get more out of the internet with these must-have Greasemonkey scripts.

Gmail Macros

Gmail is easily the best webmail application on the planet, so you might be surprised to learn that a Greasemonkey script called Gmail Macros drastically changes Gmail for the better.

Created by a Google employee (though not as an official Google project), Gmail Macros enhances Gmail's already robust set of keyboard shortcuts so you can navigate your inbox and label your email messages on the fly without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Better yet, it accomplishes all of this through an easy-to-use graphical interface that takes the guesswork out of remembering the keyboard shortcuts.

Gmail Attachment Icons

With nearly 7GB of storage space and counting available, you probably share more file attachments through email than ever before. At its default settings, Gmail indicates email attachments with a generic paper-clip icon and provides no hint as to the type of file attached.

The Gmail Attachment Icons script embeds small icons in place of the generic catch-all to indicate whether the attachment is a picture, a Word document, a PDF, an MP3 or a zip file.

Web editing and blogging

Here are two superb scripts that no power blogger should be without.

Textarea Backup

You've just finished writing the ultimate blogger's opus, but before you have the chance to hit Submit, your browser crashes and you're back at square one, except this time you don't have the original exhilarating rush of inspiration.

Had you installed the Textarea Backup user script before this catastrophe struck, your masterpiece would have been saved after every new keystroke. It doesn't matter whether your browser crashes or you accidentally close the window before submitting the contents of the text area, everything will be restored to the text field automatically the next time you open the page.

Note: Textarea Backup may cause problems in Gmail because it tends to save the last address you sent to, quietly filling in the cc and bcc fields with that address. You can avoid this problem when using the script by adding mail.google.com to your list of excluded sites.

Textarea Drag Resize

When you have a lot to say but the comment text field on your favourite blog accommodates only a few lines of text without scrollbar intervention, the experience is like trying to pour the ocean into a tea cup.

The Textarea Drag Resize Greasemonkey script adds a small resize icon to the corner of every text area on the web; by clicking the icon, you can easily extend the associated field to dimensions that befit your verbosity.

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