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17 ways Greasemonkey can revolutionise Firefox

Get more from the mobile web with these tweaks

Add cool features to Gmail, streamline the web, and get more out of the internet with these must-have Greasemonkey scripts.

Flickr Camera Images

If you spend much time surfing the popular and addictive photo-sharing site Flickr, you're bound to catch the shutter bug. You may also find yourself wondering, 'What camera took that photo?'

To read about the camera used, click the 'More properties' link; and if you install the Flickr Camera Images Flickr Camera Images Greasemonkey script, you'll also see a photo of the camera in question. If you decide that a particular camera's output is so great that you simply have to have it, click the image to jump directly to the camera's listing on Amazon.

Online timesavers

These handy Greasemonkey scripts help keep online time sinks under control.


Anyone who has downloaded files from sharing services like RapidShare or Megaupload has run into download landing pages that require visitors to wait for up to two minutes before they can download the file they came for. The NoDelay Greasemonkey script takes you straight to your download, with no unnecessary pauses or other tiresome hoop-jumping required.

Stealth Kiwi

The internet is a magical place, so magical, in fact, that unless you have the self-control of a Zen monk, you can easily waste hours every week browsing various guilty pleasures online. The Stealth Kiwi script keeps a tighter rein on your unproductive surfing habits by preventing unfettered access to your browsing weaknesses during your 9-to-5 hours.

To help you preserve your sanity, however, Stealth Kiwi permits you a 10-minute browsing break every hour. This completely customisable script is the closest thing I've seen to bottled self-control.

The Movie Dude

Movie lovers tend to spend hours researching films on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), reading reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and adding films to their Netflix or Blockbuster queues.

The Movie Dude script adds links between these popular movie destinations (and others), bringing greater continuity to the process of finding a movie you're interested in on IMDB, researching it at review sites, and adding it to your queue or purchasing it online.

Gmail enhancements

Overclock Gmail and boost your productivity with these essential scripts.

Gmail Addons

If you've ditched your desktop email applications (Microsoft Outlook and the like) but you miss being able to manage your email and agenda through a single-window command centre, you need the Gmail Addons user script.

By default, the script embeds Google Calendar inside Gmail so you can access both from the same place, but it can also embed Google Reader, the popular Remember the Milk to-do list application, and other great productivity web apps via additional scripts designed specifically to enhance the functionality of Gmail Addons.

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