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Revealed: Inside Google's research labs

Google rumours, are they fact or fiction?

As one of the biggest players in the tech industry, its hard to keep track of every new venture Google announces. Here we've put together a round-up of its current projects and aimed to sift out the rumours from the truths.

Rumoured projects

Along with the confirmed projects already mentioned, there are also plenty of rumours about fantastic new programs at the California-based technology juggernaut. We asked Google to comment on some of the more prominent rumors and to confirm or deny its involvement.

Google is building data centres all over the world!

Official response from Google: "Fast, innovative products are crucial for our users and require significant computing power. As a result, Google invests heavily in technical facilities and has dozens of facilities around the world with many computers. However, for competitive reasons, we don't disclose exact numbers or locations of facilities or computers."

Google's planning to buy Expedia from Microsoft

Official response from Google: No comment.

Dell is currently manufacturing the Google phone

Official response from Google: No comment.

Google's working with the CIA

Official response from Google: "Most of Google's products are available for free to any person with access to the internet. We also provide enterprise solutions on a commercial basis to corporations, nonprofit organiSations, and governments in many, many nations."

Google is making an operating system for the web!

Official response from Google: No comment.

Google's buying the Skype internet phone service from eBay

Official response from Google: No comment.

Google is buying up wireless spectrum for a second iteration of Wi-Fi called 'Wi-Fi 2.0'

Official response from Google: "This reflects a misunderstanding of this issue. We along with Microsoft, Dell, Philips and other technology companies are advocating that the vacant 'white spaces' in the TV spectrum band be opened up for unlicensed use for internet access.

"'Unlicensed' means that spectrum would not be auctioned off and would be available to anyone who wants to use it. Unlicensed spectrum is currently used by garage door openers and Wi-Fi stations, among others. So it is inaccurate to say that Google would 'buy' spectrum, we think that it shouldn't even be auctioned."

  1. Sift out Google truths from Google rumours
  2. Facial recognition search
  3. Energy initiatives and universal search
  4. Google's comments on just some of the many rumours

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