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The 13 funniest, weirdest Google Suggest results

Bizzare search suggestions from Google

Google's suggest feature completes you search query with a phrase it thinks you are looking for. It's meant to be helpful but some of the suggestions are bizarre, funny or downright strange. We've rounded up 13 of its strangest suggestions.


Suggestion: ServersCheck crack

Some people don't like the Google Suggest feature because they think it clutters up their search page or offers bad suggestions. One Belgian company, ServersCheck, hated Google Suggest so much it sued Google in 2006. Why?

When ServersCheck employees ran a Google search for the company's computer server monitoring software, ServersCheck, Google Suggest's automated suggestions led to pirated copies of the company's software. Options included 'serverscheck crack', 'pro crack' and 'keygen'.

When the company asked Google to modify its suggestions, the search giant argued that it couldn't prevent certain words from appearing in Google Suggest results. ServersCheck countered that Google had the power to ban words - as it has done with some vulgar words.

ServersCheck sued, but a Belgian court dismissed the case, ruling that Google could not be held liable for web pages involved in illegal activities.

Aren't you...

Suggestion: Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper

Who knew that there were height requirements for Star Wars costumes? Apparently, if you want to be an imperial storm trooper at the next sci-fi convention you had better be tall.

But look on the non-dark side: if you're too short to dress up as a storm trooper, you can always go as Yoda.

Where are my...

Suggestion: Where are my keys I lost my phone

We've lost car keys and mobile phones on countless occasions - sometimes simultaneously - but we never thought to look for either item online. Turning to Google for help sounds like an act of desperation to us, but who knows - maybe it works. Although we're not sure if the lyrics to Lady GaGa's number one hit will help us. At least those questioners' survival isn't in doubt, unlike the folks who are going online to ask 'Where are my kidneys?'

Where did my parents

Suggestion: Where did my parents hide my presents

It appears that young children now realise the power of the web and have begun pooling their resources to crack the eternal mystery of  'Where did my parents hide my presents?' We probably won't be wrecking anyone's Christmas to observe that few of the answers are very helpful. (Hint: If it's a pony, check outside.)


  1. The helpful function sometimes offer bizzare suggestions
  2. America is.....
  3. Is it legal.....
  4. ServersCheck
  5. My PC....

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