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The 13 funniest, weirdest Google Suggest results

Bizzare search suggestions from Google

Google's suggest feature completes you search query with a phrase it thinks you are looking for. It's meant to be helpful but some of the suggestions are bizarre, funny or downright strange. We've rounded up 13 of its strangest suggestions.

Is it legal...

Suggestion: Is it legal to download YouTube video

Have you ever pondered the legality of downloading and saving YouTube video to your PC? How about the question of whether it is legal to use the file sharing service LimeWire or to watch a movie online?

Type 'Is it legal' into Google and you'll find that today's leading legal questions demonstrate a dearth of understanding when it comes to intellectual property.

Hollywood should be relieved in one respect: At least most people seem be asking the right questions. As opposed to the army of Scottish women researching the possibility of marrying their deceased brothers-in-law. (Wouldn't the dead man have to get divorced first?)

Why am I...

Suggestion: Why am I here

For centuries people have searched for the meaning of their existence. Now finally, thanks to Google, some answers - 206 million of them, in fact. Obviously one possible answer to the perennial question 'Why am I here?' is 'To spend the rest of your life reading as many of Google's answers to that question as you can'.

Macs are...

Suggestion: Macs are PCs

Mac or PC? By a margin of six to three, suggested completions of the phrase ‘Macs are' are decidedly anti-Mac. This is hardly surprising in view of the fact that PC users outnumber Mac users.

Thus it's heartening to note that the entry with the most results is 'Macs are PCs'. After all, at the end of the day we are all just computer users gathered at the shrine of zeros and ones.

My job is...

Suggestion: My job is slowly crushing my soul

Is the most surprising thing about this set of suggestions the presence of  'My job is slowly crushing my soul' or the fact that that sentiment produces fewer hits than any of the others listed? Maybe we'd get more Google action if we typed 'My job is rapidly crushing my soul'.

Or maybe the relatively poor showing of the 'slowly crushing' suggestion is evidence of a simple truth in today's economy: even a soul-crushing job is better than no job at all.

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