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23 strange sights in Google Street View

The weirdest photos in Google's new app

Google's Street view allows you to delve into any area of the world, and experience some of the strangest sights ever. We've picked out our favourite fun and in some cases unexplainable pictures.

Jurassic street view

Dinosaurs are making a break for it in this Street View. The escape is from the Dinosphere exhibit in Indianapolis. The Jurassic breakout is just one of many oversized creatures that can be spotted on Street View.

Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper

When Darth Vader isn't building Death Stars and palling around with Sith Lords, he apparently kills time wandering around Los Angeles. A Google Street View paparazzo spotted him with a storm trooper - posing for pictures? Hitchhiking? Or just checking out the stars on Hollywood Boulevard like any other tourist? Hard to say until Google gets a better camera!

Creepy Street View

One look at this guy sitting on the side of the road in Rue Polonceau, in Paris, France, and we can definitely say we wouldn't want to slow down to take his picture. We have no idea why this person is dressed the way he is, or why he is sitting on a folding chair in the middle of a busy pavement. We can tell nobody wants to get too close.

What in God's name is this silly thing?

We can imagine that spotting the Google Street View car can be confounding with its odd camera strapped to the top. In this Street View from Blakely, Georgia, it appears someone is trying to get a closer look to see if it's a camera or some new car accessory that allows you to transport into a different dimension.

(Note: Since we discovered this head-scratching moment, Google has removed the image.)

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