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The best 15 fake Twitter profiles

These Phweeters have us in stiches

Hoax Twitter profiles are very common. From the Dalai Lama and rapper Kayne West to the White House, there have been some excellent Phweeters (phony tweeters). We've sifted through hundreds of profiles to bring you the 15 best fake Twitter accounts. Follow (the genuine) PC Advisor tweet at Twitter.com/PCAdvisor.

Dr Tobias Funke

Name: drtobiasfunke

Who he is: Repressed homosexual and psychiatrist in US TV show 'Arrested Development'.

Why he's worth following: The author really embraces Funke's repressed tendencies. He's a little more overt than in the TV show, but if you were a fan of the show, this profile lets you relive the magic in 140 characters or less.

How often he tweets: 5-10 times per month.

Favourite tweet: "Watching the Bangcock replay of the Golden Globes. Its always more exciting to watch it in conjunction as my Thai friends. Miss you boys "

Bad Peggy Olson

Name: BadPeggyOlson

Who she is: Prim and proper copywriter on US TV show Mad Men currently being shown on BBC Four.

Why she's worth following: There's a whole Mad Men universe in the Twittosphere - even the office Xerox has one-but BadPeggyOlson is my Favourite. Mad Men fans know that Peggy Olson is not as good as she seems during office hours, and this profile explores Peggy's edgier side.

How often she tweets: A few times a month.

Favourite tweet: "@Xerox914 Don't tell anyone about the confidential information I've been copying. Or the body parts. They're for your eyes only. For now."

CNN Breaking

Name: cnnbreaking

What it is: US news station Cable News Network (CNN).

Why it's worth following: Fake news is always entertaining. This ain't The Onion www.theonion.com , but I'll take it.

How often he tweets: Infrequently.

Favourite tweet: "Presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama has chosen mythological rabbit, The Easter Bunny, as his running mate."

Jack Bauer

Name: jackbauer

Who he is: Hot-headed government agent played by Kiefer Sutherland on TV show 24.

Why he's worth following: The author creates a running commentary on Jack Bauer's state of mind and follows 24's current story line closely.

How often he tweets: Every few days when the show is running.

Favourite tweet: "Uh, hello? I'm undercover. Can't really tweet what I'm doing. Just shot and buried Agent Walker alive, LOL."

Nick Nolte

Name: Nick_Nolte

Who he is: Famous actor.

Why he's worth following: The author takes Nolte's legal troubles and creates a real bad-ass who can't seem to make the right choices.

How often he tweets: Daily.

Favourite tweet: "Breathin' through a sweat sock soaked in ether. What I like to call a little Hair of the Dog."

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