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The 10 best Twitter add-ons

These tools will improve your tweeting

The web is full of Twitter add-ons to make your tweeting experience more enjoyable. We've rounded up ten of the best tools to help your tweeting become more enjoyable.


When you have only 140 characters to work with, each one counts, which is why every Twitter user needs to compress long, unwieldy site addresses through a URL-shortening service. Is.gd (pronounced 'is good') is helpfully terse even in comparison with rivals such as TinyURL.

Its five-character name and its efficient coding scheme create 17-character redirects (such as is.gd/6zCf), leaving you 123 characters with which to have your say.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, it's surely worth a lot more than 140 characters. Enter TwitPic, a quick, no-fuss way to share photos with the Twitter masses. Upload and tag a snapshot, and you can either tweet it directly within TwitPic or use your photo's 24-character URL in tweets that you create within Twitter itself. Like a mini-Flickr, TwitPic also lets you browse through your friends' pictures or check out the 'public timeline' of all images shared by all users.

Friend or Follow

One striking difference between Twitter and other social networks such as Facebook such things as unrequited Twitter friendships: the fact that you're following someone doesn't mean that person is following you, and vice versa. Friend or Follow's sole purpose is to help make more Twitter relationships mutual - tell it your Twitter name, and it will show you people you're following who aren't returning the favour, as well as followers you have whom you aren't following.

Twitter Grader

Just how talented a tweeter are you? Twitter Grader will give you an instant appraisal in the form of a grade on a 100-point scale, based on how many people you're following, how many are following you, and your volume of updates. Getting a grade in the high 80s appears to be a cinch, but if you're one of the 70 people who have scored a perfect 100 to date, I'm impressed.

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  1. These tools will improve your tweeting
  2. Is.Gd, TwitPic and Friend or Follow
  3. Mr Tweet, Tweetree and Twitbacks

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