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Five important LinkedIn etiquette tips

So your profile doesn't wreck your career

Social-networking site LinkedIn can be a very handy business tool. We've put together a list of five top tips to ensure your profile doesn't offer employers a reason not to employ you.

3. Filling out your bio

One of the finer things about LinkedIn, at least from a recruiting standpoint, is that it not only encourages honesty in your resume, in essence it requires it, since your profile is viewed by your bosses, colleagues and customers.

Dixson says the normal resume rules apply - accentuate your strengths and highlights, while providing context around your job responsibilities.

But the one main difference between a regular CV and a LinkedIn profile is that you'll have a wider range of people viewing the latter. As such, you will have to be slightly more pragmatic in hitting points that you think might satisfy a few different sectors of your industry that interest you.

A couple other quick tips for your profile and bio:

Get the LinkedIn URL you want. Most LinkedIn profiles URLs will be a slash and then your name (/your name) at the end of them. Names can be common, so try to get yours first.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is public (go to account settings to check). If you want to tap all the capabilities of LinkedIn, and be able to have people search for you and examine your career experience, you need a public profile.

Remember that you don't matter on the web if Google doesn't see you. Try to include keywords in your profile that you think people might search for regarding your field.

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  1. Make sure your profile doesn't wreck your professional life
  2. Filling out your bio
  3. The importance of connections
  4. Recommend and getting recommended

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