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13 top tips for better mobile working

Work better, smarter, and faster with PC Advisor

We've put together 13 top tips to ensure that if you are working on the go, you are working better, smarter, and faster.

Bring the Tube map with you

When you travel by tube, knowing your route - and your route options - is a must. Website iSubwayMaps offers free maps of 22 different cities across the globe, including London, so you can plan your route no matter where you are. The maps are optimised for use on iPods and iPhones, but each map is just a photo, so it should work on any mobile device capable of displaying images.

Shop Amazon via SMS

Amazon offer online shopping addicts the chance to buy products even while they're away from an internet connection.

Amazon TextBuyIt is a free service from Amazon that lets you find and buy items on Amazon via text message. It works only from the US Amazon right now, but Amazon.co.uk should catch up soon (and you can, of course, buy from Amazon.com). To use it, just text a keyword to 262966. Amazon TextBuyIt will instantly reply with a list of results, and you can text the company right back to identify the one you want to buy. After you do so, you'll receive a phone call from Amazon to confirm the details of your service.

It's quick, it's easy, and it should satisfy your need to buy online until you can reconnect to the web.

Go straight to voicemail with SlyDial

Maybe you have just enough time between meetings to fire off a quick text message but not enough time to type. Or maybe you just want to avoid talking to the person on the other end of the line. Either way, wouldn't it be nice to be able to skip straight to voicemail?

Website SlyDial lets you do just that, forgoing the formalities of conversation by sending you straight to your contact's voicemail. The person you're calling won't know that you called until the voicemail pops up in the inbox, and you'll have saved yourself the effort of a full-fledged conversation when all you wanted to do was relay a quick message.

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  1. Work better, smarter, and faster
  2. Automatically lock your laptop
  3. Send group SMS messages and name that tune
  4. Take a tube map with you
  5. Instantly find yourself on a Google Map

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