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13 top tips for better mobile working

Work better, smarter, and faster with PC Advisor

We've put together 13 top tips to ensure that if you are working on the go, you are working better, smarter, and faster.

Send group SMS messages

Whether you're organising a night out with friends or you need to mass-message your team about a change of meeting venue, group messaging is an excellent method to use. Phone trees and email lists work, but mobile phones make text messaging the quickest, most effective way to get the word out. Unfortunately, filling out an enormous To: field with every contact on your list is tedious and time-consuming.

Ad-supported service Tatango remedies this problem by letting you communicate with every member of a predefined group of people by sending just one text message. The process is simple: sign up, build out your contact list, and enjoy convenient mass SMS messaging. However, the service is currently available only when you're working in the US.

Name that tune

One way to get a song out of your head is to listen to it again from start to finish but setting up a replay can be difficult when you don't actually know the song's name. Sure, you can fire up Google, enter the few lyrics you know, and hope for a positive ID, but phone service Shazam takes a more scientific approach to music matching.

The next time a song you don't know is playing, just dial 2580 and hold your phone up to the music for 15 seconds. Shazam will identify the song and send you a text message containing the song information and a link for buying it. The service costs 50p for each accurately identified song, so if you plan on using it a lot, subscribe to the Tag Club which offers 300 ID tags for £2 per month.

Save the cost of a 118 call

When you're out and about with a mobile phone as your only electronic companion, and you need local information, 118 118 is still one of the quickest and easiest ways to obtain it. The catch: it costs for every call or text you make to the service. However there is an alternative. GOOG-411 is a free 118-style service from search giant Google. It's another one you'll be able to use only when travelling in the states, where residents can dial 1-800-GOOG-411, and follow the automated voice prompts to let GOOG-411's voice recognition program take care of you for free.

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  1. Work better, smarter, and faster
  2. Automatically lock your laptop
  3. Send group SMS messages and name that tune
  4. Take a tube map with you
  5. Instantly find yourself on a Google Map

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