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Five crucial Facebook dos and don'ts

Social-networking etiquette you should observe

Social-networking can be a minefield. Users should think twice before posting information and imagez, as one hurried post could kill your working and personal relationships in one fell swoop. We've rounded up the top five Facebook etiquette tips to ensure you never get into social-networking trouble.

3. Posting content, links, and news

Post content that highlights your personal interests and your professional areas of expertise. A marketing professional might post some interesting links for a relevant trade publication he or she wanted to share, for example. Posting personal picture slideshows is fine - again, within reason.

You clearly want to avoid the aforementioned pitfalls of displaying shots of wild revelry. But for all the agony about what's acceptable and what's not, remember that offering contacts a decent glimpse into what makes you, you can have business benefits. "It strengthens relationships," Dixson says. "It really helps establish connections. People like to do business with people they know."

Spamming people is a big no-no, as it can irrevocably ruin your social capital. It's great to be so passionate about things in both your professional life and personal life that you feel compelled to share it with people who are important to you, but remember that people can only take so much time out of their day. Also, don't assume they care about every little thing in your personal life. People know you're proud of your kids, for example, and that speaks to your commitment as a parent. Yet you need to know when to draw the line somewhere in how much they want to hear.

Definitely keep your romantic break-ups and get-togethers in private forums, like emails, IMs and (who still uses it anymore?) the phone.

Oh, and this one should be self-explanatory: don't go flapping your gums about your company's affairs.

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  1. Social networking etiquette you should observe
  2. Filling out your biography
  3. Posting content, links, and news
  4. Talking to one vs many

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