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The web's 10 best blogs revealed

Shining stars of the blogosphere

Blogging is one of the biggest online crazes of recent years, but an awful lot of blogs are not well written or interesting. Some, however, represent the best of journalism. We've trawled the blogosphere to find the best blogs out there.

6. Kottke.org

Jason Kottke doesn't give himself enough credit for his own writing. Kottke.org is mostly a collection of sanguine links to compelling stories, such as this one about the best sports journalism stories ever.

Yet, its Kottke's quick but insightful comments about those links that makes his blog worth bookmarking.

7. Sore Thumbs

As the newest site in our round-up, it might be too early to list Sore Thumb' as a best-written blog, and many of the posts so far seem hurriedly written and maybe a little cheeky. Yet, the dynamic duo of Dan 'Shoe' Hsu and Crispin Boyer, both former editors at Electronic Gaming Monthly who have legitimate writing experience, seems like a winner so far. Sore Thumbs has become an outlet for the editors to share behind-the-scenes details about their careers, and the writing is engaging enough to keep you reading.

8. Bits

Gee, you mean The New York Times has a well-written blog? Yes, and most importantly it's not just a re-hash of the main feature articles online. In fact Bits tends to nab some of the best stories early, before the basement bloggers.

Even when the site is just reviewing a new HDTV, it calls out the most important feature and avoids a simple list of specs or techie comparisons. Posts about tech companies like this one on Sun - always seem to engage you with the facts.

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  1. The shining stars of the blogosphere
  2. Rough Type and GeekDad
  3. Kottke.org and Sore Thumbs
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