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15 biggest internet celebrities: Where are they now?

What happened after their 15 minutes of fame...

The internet is the ideal way to grab your 15 minutes of fame. But what happened to our favourite web stars, such as the evolution of dance guy and the kid of loved Britney Spears so much he cried for her, once their time ran out? We find out.

Kyle MacDonald: One Red Paper Clip

Proof that anything is possible, Kyle MacDonald stepped into the international spotlight when he sought to trade a single red paperclip for a new home back in 2005. After a year of bartering and 14 trades later, MacDonald did it- swapping a role in a movie for a two-story farmhouse in Canada. His quest was covered by major media outlets and even won MacDonald a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records under the heading 'Most Successful Internet Trade'.

Fast-forward to today, and Kyle's back on the trading block. This time, he's trying to see what kinds of interesting things he can get for the house he worked so hard to earn. "My wife Dom and I lived in the red paperclip house for some time and then decided we'd like to live near our families," he says. "We'd like to trade the house because it's kinda sitting empty most of the time, and it'd be great if somebody was in there!" As to his barter options, MacDonald is playing his cards close to the chest. He will reveal only that he has received 300 offers so far. "I'm keeping them all a secret until I make my decision who to trade with," he says.

MacDonald also keeps busy promoting his recent book about the adventure and renovating houses in his Canadian community.

Tay Zonday: Chocolate Rain

Make no mistake, our next crooner hits all his own notes. Tay Zonday first made a splash with his 2007 smash, Chocolate Rain. Zonday's surprisingly deep vocals and seemingly cryptic lyrics resonated with the world, transforming him from student into superstar.

For Zonday - born Adam Nyerere Bahner - Chocolate Rain opened plenty of doors. The baritone belter popped up on everything from CNN to USA Today and even found himself being imitated by real-world rock stars. Now 26, Zonday is working hard to show that he's no one-hit wonder. He has released more than a dozen net-driven singles and has expanded his vocal prowess into the world of commercial voice-over work.

"The hardest thing about being an internet celebrity is you don't get any vacation," he says. "There is no off-season."

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