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15 biggest internet celebrities: Where are they now?

What happened after their 15 minutes of fame...

The internet is one of ideal way to grab your 15 minutes of fame. But what happened to our favourite web stars, such as the evolution of dance guy and the kid of loved Britney Spears so much he cried for her, once their time ran out? We find out.

Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine: Ask a Ninja

A ninja with knowledge changed Kent Nichols's and Douglas Sarine's lives forever. The comedy duo's Ask a Ninja website, in which a ninja answers all sorts of email queries from viewers, took off in 2005. No matter the question, the outfitted ninja always seemed to have an answer related to his singular passion. (You know...ninja-ing.)

Nowadays, the ninja is doing better than ever. The initial buzz may have died down, but Nichols and Sarine have built a full-time business from their zany idea. They've even produced a book that's already available in stores - The Ninja Handbook. "The book is awesome," Nichols says. "It's a full parody of the 'Boy Scout Manual' and guides the non-ninja along the ninja path to enlightenment."

Be prepared!

Jennifer Ringley: JenniCam

For a girl who used to be on-camera around the clock, Jennifer Ringley has done a good job of disappearing from the public eye. The now-all-grown-up Jenni shot into the spotlight in 1996 when her JenniCam website introduced the then-unusual concept of a 24-7 webcam. Still images captured Ringley in any activity - sitting, reading, having sex - with shots taken and updated every 3 minutes. The saga lasted for seven years.

Since shutting down the cam in 2003, Ringley has returned to private life in Northern California - either as a social services worker or as a computer programmer, depending on whom you ask. She shuns media attention, though, and rarely pops up in formal interviews.

Ah, how we miss her.

Wei Wei and Huang Yi Xin: The Back Dorm Boys

Whether you think of them as the Chinese Backstreet Boys or as their more recent moniker would have it, the Back Dorm Boys, these two Asian dudes were tearing up their hearts for the world back in 2005. The duo used a college dorm web cam to capture heartfelt, coordinated performances of the Backstreet Boys' biggest hits.

Though they may have dropped off the radar, these lip-synching sensations have by no means mothballed their careers. Wei and Huang graduated from college in 2006 with two corporate deals already in their pockets: one as spokespeople for Motorola in China and another as bloggers and podcasters with Chinese internet portal Sina.com. They're now in the midst of a five-year deal with Beijing media company Taihe Rye that's made them full-fledged TV stars, with appearances in commercials for major vendors such as Pepsi.

Their skill? Lip-syncing, of course.

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