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15 biggest internet celebrities: Where are they now?

What happened after their 15 minutes of fame...

The internet is an ideal way to grab your 15 minutes of fame. But what happened to our favourite web stars, such as the evolution of dance guy and the kid of loved Britney Spears so much he cried for her, once their time ran out? We find out.

Mahir Cagri: I KISS YOU !!!!!

The Borat-like guy with a whole lotta love is still looking for lip-lock action. Mahir Cagri got his first taste of fame back in 1999 when his photo-filled website grabbed America's attention.

These days, Cagri is keeping busy - too busy, it would seem, to have time to answer my questions in person. Cagri's manager informed me that his client wouldn't be available for several weeks. He indicated that I could try emailing questions to Cagri at his Yahoo account (because "I have no telephone connection availability to Mahir as you have to try your chance"). Regrettably, Cagri did not see fit to reply - talk about a kiss off!

Nonetheless, I was able to learn that the mustachioed man continues to travel and work as a "profession jurnalist". He plans to visit the United States on an "invitaion" this autumn and is mulling "making some promotional PR arrangements". Cagri also continues to "make psycolojy doctora" and, of course, enjoys taking photos of "nice nude models".

Some things never change.

Vincent Ferrari: AOL Cancellation Call

Millions of people related to Vincent Ferrari's hellish customer support experience, shared worldwide via the web. In 2006, the New York man recorded and uploaded his phone-based struggle to cancel an AOL account - a seemingly endless loop of call centre scripting that could drive anyone mad.

Ferrari, thankfully, hasn't endured any comparable calls since then. "My friends think it's because people recognise my name and don't want to risk becoming the next 'Jon,'" he says, referring to the call service employee ridiculed as a result of the recorded incident.

Ferrari now spends his time working at a mobile phone company, running a hosting company and video blogging about whatever comes to his mind.

As for the infamous call and the internet fame that ensued, Ferrari says that he's only been recognised once. "My wife cracked up, and I was totally mortified," he remembers. He hasn't returned to AOL for internet service, however. In fact, he says that he never even wanted to use it in the first place.

"I kept it mostly so that I had an account I could use to troubleshoot AOL installs at work," Ferrari reveals.

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