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15 biggest internet celebrities: Where are they now?

What happened after their 15 minutes of fame...

The internet is the ideal way to grab your 15 minutes of fame. But what happened to our favourite web stars, such as the evolution of dance guy and the kid who loved Britney Spears so much he cried for her, once their time ran out? We find out.

Gary Brolsma: Numa Numa

A very animated lip-syncing and dancing performance known as Numa Numa catapulted Gary Brolsma to internet fame in 2004. Brolsma's simple clip of himself silently singing along with a tune by the pop group O-Zone became one of the web's most popular viral videos, spawning countless parodies and sequels.

Four years later, Numa remains focus of Brolsma's life. Since his initial performance, Brolsma has been busily working on a complete Numa Network, which he describes as an online channel "almost like a television station, only broadcast right on YouTube". He also runs a computer repair and web design company and sings for a band called Nonetheless.

"It's all fun," Brolsma says. "I enjoy making people smile." I resisted the impulse to ask whether Brolsma's band actually covers (or for that matter, lyp-syncs) Numa.

Randy Constan: Peter Pan

Take a too-small Robin Hood costume, add a Prince Valiant haircut, and you have Randy Constan, the guy at the centre of Peter Pan's Home Page - a website devoted to Constan's love of all things Pan. His first brush with fame came in 2001 when he won the coveted Webby Award for Best Weird Site of the year.

But the man in green was just warming up. The next step was to turn a page of his bully pulpit into a Mr. Lonelyhearts outreach project, detailing his search for a like-minded lady. His unusual approach earned Constan viral status and even time on late-night television.

Rest assured, Constan has found his Tinkerbell, and she definitely shares his fondness for faerie - and his fashion sense, too. "We both love to spread joy through our costuming, wherever we go," Constan says.

Costumes aside, Costan independently sells his music - donating much of the proceeds to children's charities, he says - and works a day job in computer software and electronic design. (Casual Fridays must be an eyeful.) Guess a little pixie dust sometimes goes a long way.

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