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59 great websites you need to visit

Everything you ever need on the web

Whether you want to beat the credit crunch, learn a new skill or just watch TV online, we've rounded up 59 must-have sites that will cover all your needs.

Sites for buying, selling, and renting almost anything

The web is a giant meeting place for buyers and sellers of all kinds. Whether we are trying to find communities of people who buy and sell the same things we do, or are seeking ‘wisdom of the crowd' opinion on potential buys, the internet is often the first place we look.


Want ads work so much better on the web than in print that newspaper want ads are all but extinct. You can buy, sell, or rent just about anything, anywhere on this no-nonsense site.

This grassroots, non-profit site organises and connects (via Yahoo Groups) people who might like to trade items within their own communities. It works really well for finding someone to come over and get that one useless thing out of your house, but not into a landfill.

Whereas Freecycle focuses on giving or trading, Zilok focuses on renting. The site hosts rental listings from people in your community for things you might need to use only once - a power tool, a picnic table, a warehouse space, a van - things you'd usually be far better off renting than buying outright.

Find and watch TV and movies online

Web TV is everywhere online these days; these sites aggregate, organise, or host great-looking online video content of all kinds.


This is the biggest aggregator of links to online video I've encountered to date. One caveat: Some of the video sites featured seem to contain pirated video ripped from DVDs. The company's stance? "OVGuide.com simply directs you to the site; it is not responsible for the content on the sites."

I heard about Ninja through word of mouth and assumed that, like most of the "awesome video sites" I hear about, it would list a bunch of great titles - none of which would play. Wrong. I downloaded a small plug-in and began watching just-released movies and premium TV shows in no time, for free.

Using this all-video search engine, you can search for TV shows from US networks or provider hosting online content, including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and others.

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  1. Everything you ever need on the web
  2. 8 great How-To websites
  3. Sites for buying, selling and renting almost anything
  4. Fitness and travel
  5. People-finding sites
  6. Store, share, create and publish content
  7. Get local content on your mobile
  8. Specialty sites you should know about

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