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12 tricks to solve common online problems

Become a digital spy with these top tips

Check out these 12 tweaks and tricks that can turn you into an online private investigator. From send emails that self-destruct to seeking revenge on a laptop thief, these top tips will ensure you gain the upper hand online.

Spoof your email address

The problem: You want to send email from a bogus account.

The trick: Forge an email address with your desktop email client. In Thunderbird, all you need is a working SMTP server and a fake account. As long as the SMTP server can send email without requiring authentification, you can use your fake email address as much as you want.

The effect: To most people, your spoofed email will appear indistinguishable from a real one. The catch: you won't get any replies, and a look at the message's headers can reveal to the recipient that you're using an unusual SMTP server for that email address.

Browse the net without leaving a trace

The problem: Websites you visit are tracked by your web browser in several ways that aren't immediately obvious, such as browser history, cookies, or cached files. Whether you're doing some online shopping on a shared computer or visiting websites that are, let's say, embarrassing, it's hard to make sure that a browsing session doesn't leave a trace.

The trick: Go off the record when you want browsing privacy with the Stealther Firefox extension. Enabled, Stealther makes sure that your browsing history, downloads, disk cache, saved form information, and cookies aren't saved to your browser.

The effect: Stealther works in every respect. Whenever you want to go off the record with your browsing, just go to Tools, Stealther. When you're ready to go back on the record (after all, browser history and cookies can be very useful), just turn off Stealther.

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