PS4 release date, specs and backwards compatibility

It's been a long time since the arrival of the previous PlayStation, needless to say, gaming fans are champing at the bit for the PS4. So here is the place where we bring you everything you need to now about the new PlayStaion including the PS4 release date, specs, features, functionality and more. See Xbox One vs PS4 games console comparison.

PS4 release date: when is the new PlayStation out?

As expected, Sony has set the PS4 release date in the UK and worldwide for just before Christmas 2013. The exact PlayStation 4 release date in the UK is 29 November 2013. This is the same for the rest of Europe, with North America getting the PS4 slightly earlier on the 15th of the same month. See also: PlayStation 4 price in UK: what will the PS4 cost?

How to Pre-order the PS4

Pre-ordering the PS4 really couldn't be easier – Sony has even built a dedicated PS4 pre-order page with links to all the major UK online retailers. Simply go to the PlayStation 4 pre-order page and select the retailer that you wish to purchase the games console via. Take a look at New Xbox One release date, features, UK price and specs.

The official line regarding delivery of the PlayStations is that they "may be received after release date". This is dependent on "sufficient inventory".

PS4 specs

•    AMD x86-based 8-core CPU and an enhanced GPU
•    Blu-ray, DVD and HDMI output
•    8GB of GDDR5 RAM
•    'Instant On' capability
•    PS4 won't be backwards compatible with old games
•    PS4 users will be able to stream PS3 and older generation games online
•    PlayStation App" will enable iPhone, iPad, and Android based smartphones and tablets to become second screens
•    PlayStation 4 Eye - 1280 x 800 camera (Xbox Kinect style feature)

PS4 Price in UK

The PlayStation 4 is going to hit the shelves in the UK with an initial price tag of £349. This undercuts its main rival, the Xbox One, by a pretty sizable £80 (22% cheaper). The two consoles are offering largely similar functionalities, with the main difference being that the Xbox One comes with the Kinect motion sensor as part of the package, whereas the PS4 requires you to buy this additionally. That said the PS4 price, even with it's Kinect equivalent the PlayStation Eye, will be cheaper than the Xbox One.

PS4 Price in UK

Will the PS4 be backwards compatible with PS3 games?

No, is the short answer to this. PS3 disks or digital downloads will not work natively with the PS4 console.

However, there are plans afoot to offer gamers the chance of a server-side emulation of PS3 games as well as the streaming of PS One, PS2 and PS3 games. A date for this has yet to be set.

Will GTA 5 be out on PS4?

We think so. Rockstar has yet to confirm this, but the GTA game developers have heavily hinted at such a release in 2014, with a note to investors saying that a further GTA 5 release would "help extend the value" of the game.

Will GTA 5 be out on PS4?

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The PS4 release date is fast becoming one of the most anticipated in the technology industry. It's been over six years already since the launch of the game-changing third generation PlayStation, and judging by the appetite to find out the PS4 release date, the public are more than ready for the next Sony console. Take a look at Bioshock Infinite review. (See also: How to watch PlayStation 4 launch live and watch the event live here: PS4 launch: live.)

UPDATE: see our story - PS4 launching Holidays 2013 full details.

The PS4 release date is pretty unique in that still nobody really knows when it is likely to be. Guesses have ranged wildly from E3 2012 to as far away as 2016. So this is the place where we take a close look at the possible PS4 release dates, and try to make some sense of it all. See also Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 review.

PS4 release date

PS4 release date: What Sony says

The official line from Sony was that the PS3 was future proofed to last at least 10-years, which would mean a PS4 release date of no sooner that 2016. However, the wise old heads here at PC Advisor know that technology moves quickly and even the most brilliant piece of hardware released in today's world would struggle to maintain its position as a market leader in ten years time. We recommend you take the suggestion of a 2016 PS4 release date with a pinch of salt, and put it down as a marketing gimmick…promises are made to be broken. See all games reviews.

PS4 release date: Xmas 2013

The crazy kids who edit the Kotaku website are adamant that the PS4 release date will be ready in time for the 2013 holiday season (that's Christmas time in the Queen's).

Kotaku, along with many other websites, have got wind that the PS4 won't even be called the PS4. Instead, the chaps are suggesting that the PS4 will be called the PlayStation Orbis. They even delve into a little latin lesson for our benefit too, and conjure up a remarkable theory that J.K. Rowling would be proud of penning. You see, orbs is Latin for circle, and PlayStation's handheld/portable unit is called the PlayStation Vita (which is near enough Vitae) - so, Kotaku claim if you put the two together and you get Orbis Vitae which means 'the circle of life', which leads them to conclude the PlayStaion Vita will be included in the PS Orbis somehow. It's a cracking effort/theory if you ask us...albeit lacking a little substance.

release date ps4

PS4 Specs

PS4 will be mega-HD and 3D

According to the IBTimes, the new PlayStation will come with a whopping AMDx64 CPU and an AMD Southern Island GPU. What IBTimes says this means is, the PS4 will be capable of playing games with an 4096x2160 image; 3D games can be played in 1080p - the PS3 can only play 3D games at a resolution of 720p.

Backwards compatible

When tech giants release new games consoles, the fashion of late has been to make them backwards compatible. Well, sorry folks, every rumour we've seen so far seems to suggest the opposite is true for the PS4. Sony are going to go in all guns blazing for its next generation games console.

Kinect gaming

Tech website T3 says it is expecting "Microsoft Kinect styled movement-based gaming" to come as standard on the PS4. Oddly the popular tech website only briefly elaborates on the rumour stating that manufacturers Peagtron Technology and Foxcomm will both make the movement based gaming consoles. Sounds feasible enough to us.

PS4 pictures

There are a few mad designs doing the rounds right now. Here's a couple of concepts that have caught our eye as being vaguely realistic.

PS4 release date

ps4 concept

ps4 release date

playstation 4 release date

More PS4 release date, specs and summer round-ups to follow...

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