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  • News: Modder supercharges Watch Dogs graphics using files hidden in the PC game

    I have to say it: Watch Dogs doesn't look drop-dead gorgeous even when maxed out on a high-end PC. It definitely doesn't look nearly as pretty as, say, the original Watch Dogs unveil at E3 2012, when we just knew it had to be a next-gen title--the graphics were too damn good to come out on an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

  • News: PC meets PSP: Steamboy Machine project wants to take PC gaming portable

    Valve and the rest of the industry may be focused on dragging PC gaming into the living room, but one group wants to go even beyond that, making portable PC gaming as easy as firing up your Sony PSP. The nostalgically named Steamboy Machine--it's a mash-up of "Gameboy" and "Steam Machine," get it?--recently released a teaser trailer showcasing its plans to release a portable PC gaming handheld.

  • News: Batman: Arkham Knight release date, gameplay, trailer & screenshots

    Everything we know so far about the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

  • News: Red Dead Redemption 2 release date & rumours

    A new Red Dead game is expected to be in the works, but when is it coming out? We investigate.

  • News: OnLive taps cloud gaming tech for business use, again

    On Thursday, OnLive launched CloudLift Enterprise, the company's second attempt to adapt its cloud gaming services to the business space.

  • News: Flush with Facebook cash, Oculus is going after VR games

    When Oculus VR announced it was being acquired by Facebook for $2 billion, the response was...well, "contentious" would be an understatement. Some very vocal VR fans were not happy to see the scrappy start-up gobbled up by the social media giant. But let's be honest: The acquisition has a ton of upside potential, too.

  • News: Oculus vs. Morpheus at E3 2014: Is virtual reality ready for prime time?

    VR is going to be big. In the next year or two, you'll be able to go into a store, drop a few hundred bucks, and get a device you put over your face that tricks your brain into thinking you're somewhere else. Describing what is so great about a well-implemented VR experience is sort of like explaining HDTV by pointing to someone's low-def, black-and-white TV and saying "well imagine that, but in color, and much better resolution!"

  • News: E3 2014: Hellraid's savage, meaty combat surpasses Skyrim's swordplay

    Hellraid has an absolutely awful name. Abysmal. It's the type of generic schlock you immediately forget as soon as you hear it. But a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and Hellraid is--despite its tragic moniker--actually a bit of an unexpected rose for me at E3.

  • News: E3 2014: City-building meets castle-crashing in Stronghold: Crusader 2

    Once upon a time there was a game called Stronghold. Half city-builder, half real-time strategy game, Stronghold became a cult PC classic and spawned a number of sequels--including Stronghold: Crusader, the 2002 title that took the Medieval Europe-based series to the Middle East.

  • News: Hands on with The Witcher 3, an RPG for your 'Game of Thrones' withdrawals

    "Some content may be inappropriate for children." The Witcher 3 trailer opens with the standard ESRB disclaimer. And then The Witcher 3 trailer immediately cuts to a shot of a tree with five or six bodies hanging from the branches.

  • News: The MSI notebooks and tablet coming to Australia

    MSI showcased a wide range of products at the Computex trade-show this year, but only a select few products will be released in Australia due to the intense competition characterising the local mobility market.

  • News: 6 E3 'Day Zero' revelations guaranteed to make PC gamers smile

    E3, the gargantuan annual orgy of gaming excess, has barely kicked off--heck, as I'm writing this it hasn't officially kicked off yet--and it's already got my PC gamer heart more aflutter than it's been for any E3 in recent memory.

  • News: New Doom game inbound: Check out the dark and scary first trailer

    No matter how many imps you slay over the years, demons just keep on coming.

  • News: Apple says no to incentivized ad watching and social sharing in App Store crackdown

    App discovery is a problem for Apple's App Store, and the company is hoping to improve the situation with a new Explore tab in iOS 8. But as we wait for Apple's newest mobile OS to roll out this fall, Apple is starting to crack down on a number of questionable methods app developers use for promotion and bringing in ad revenue.

  • News: Sony's cute little PlayStation TV microconsole is coming to the U.S. for $99

    Sony's explosive E3 2014 keynote may have been chock full of games, but it wasn't all about the games. The company also announced that its charming little PS Vita TV microconsole is finally coming stateside, where it'll be simply dubbed the PlayStation TV.

  • News: Gamers to Microsoft: We don't need no stinking ecosystem in our living room

    In its day, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was the life of the living room, the guy that brought the wings and beer on game day. But then the Xbox One began showing up—the weird guy who passed out tofu dogs and insisted on holding the remote.

  • News: It's finally happening: Grand Theft Auto V coming to PC

    Nearly a year's worth of whining and rumor-mongering has finally paid off: Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PC this fall, a full year after its debut on last generation's Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. And, for the console crowd, it's also making its way onto the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

  • News: Behind the success of Temple Run

    Earlier in June, Imangi Studios announced that Temple Run and Temple Run 2 have combined to surpass one billion downloads, becoming one of the only game franchises to his this insane mark (Angry Birds, naturally, being another). Combining reflexes, a fear of deadly monkeys, and a smooth game mechanic, Temple Run isn't just an endless running game: It's the measuring stick against which all other endless running games are judged. TechHive looks back at the endearing popularity of one of the most popular games of all time.

  • News: Meet Alienware's Alpha console, a Steam Machine without SteamOS (for now)

    What will happen to the big push to bring PC gaming into the living room now that Valve's delayed the Steam Controller that's oh-so-crucial for the Steam Machine vision? That was the question on everyone's lips leading up to E3, and Alienware--whose Steam Machine has been called "a console that encapsulates the full potential of what a Steam Machine should be" by Valve boss Gabe Newell--answered the question by fully unveiling the $550 Alienware Alpha, a sleek-looking Steam Machine that will still launch in 2014--but without SteamOS.

  • News: Battlefield: Hardline beta opens today

    EA's upcoming cops versus robbers shooter Battlefield: Hardline might've sprung a bunch of leaks prior to its E3 reveal Monday, but there was one surprise announcement: PS4 and PC players can sign up for access to the betatoday.

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