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  • News: Microsoft pushes back Xbox One release date in China

    Microsoft has pushed back the launch date of the Xbox One in mainland China, saying it needs more time to polish the system before it goes for sale.

  • News: Oculus announces Crescent Bay Rift prototype

    Kicking off day two of the Oculus Connect virtual reality conference in Los Angeles, CA, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe took to the stage to announce a new Crescent Bay prototype--not the consumer release, but a new stepping stone.

  • News: Oculus Rift 'Crescent Bay' prototype hands-on: A VR alien waved at me and I waved back

    We don't really like to swear on this site. By and large PCWorld is a family-friendly affair. Which is a shame, because at Oculus Connect on Saturday I got hands-on time with Crescent Bay, the latest internal Oculus Rift prototype and most likely the last stepping stone before the consumer Rift.

  • News: Missing Pieces: Oculus Rift rumors, Wasteland 2 arrives, and the rest of this week's must-know games news

    Hi there, and welcome to a very mobile episode of Missing Pieces! Today I am rolling down the highway on the way to this weekend's Oculus Connect conference, where we'll hopefully be hearing some exciting news about our cyberpunk future!

  • News: Shadowrun's Dragonfall expansion tweaked, released as stand-alone Director's Cut

    Remember earlier this year when I said, "Dragonfall is the campaign [Shadowrun Returns] should've shipped with from the start." Okay, maybe you don't remember, but I swear I said it.

  • News: Activision finesses Destiny sales numbers to make the launch sound great

    Activision said that Destiny, its latest MMO/shooter franchise for the Xbox and Playstation, pulled in $350 million in the first five days it went on sale. Activision is calling it the "best-selling new video game franchise launch of all time"--which is an interesting way to spin the numbers.

  • News: Why Microsoft bought Minecraft: To lure kids to science

    It's not really clear why Microsoft spent $2.5 billion on Mojang and Minecraft, a game most kids own already. But Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella has given his own explanation: to get kids involved with math and science.

  • News: 3 ways Microsoft can ruin Minecraft, and 3 ways it can make Mojang even better

    With more than 50 million copies sold, a robust line of toys and other accessories, and a near-endless legion of fan-created YouTube Lets Plays, there's no doubt that indie game Minecraft is a colossal hit. Heck, it's a veritable cultural phenomenon. But now, there's reason to question the future of the blockbuster game, as Microsoft has announced that it's buying Minecraft maker Mojang for $2.5 billion. What's more, Mojang founder and Minecraft mastermind Markus "Notch" Persson is departing once the deal is complete.

  • News: Farewell letter to Minecraft fans

    It's truly the end of an era. Long before it was a worldwide cultural phenomenon, Minecraft was a simple, insanely fun world-building game conceived and created by one man: Markus Persson, lovingly referred to as "Notch" by fans worldwide. Although Persson stopped working on Minecraft years ago, handing off development duties to a fellow Mojang employee, he was still the name and face synonymous with the independent gaming hit.

  • News: Microsoft buys Minecraft maker Mojang for $2.5 billion

    The rumors were true. Microsoft has acquired Mojang, the company behind the wildly popular game Minecraft, for a cool $2.5 billion dollars. The deal spells the end of independence for one of the most popular indie titles ever as Mojang joins Xbox Studios.

  • News: Microsoft buys Minecraft maker Mojang for $2.5 billion

    Microsoft has agreed to buy Mojang, the Swedish developer of the Minecraft PC and console game, for US$2.5 billion, the companies announced Monday.

  • News: The iPhone 6 matches next-gen consoles, and more games news

    I guess some game called "Destiny" came out this week? But that can't be right. My handy list of "Important PC Releases" says that...well, certainly no game called "Destiny" came out.

  • News: Grand Theft Auto V for PC delayed until 2015

    Just last week Rockstar said "No, of course the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V isn't delayed." (I'd show you the proof, but of course "The page you were looking for doesn't exist.") Something pretty damned catastrophic must have happened over the past seven days. Friday, Rockstar officially confirmed that the PC version of GTA V is delayed until January 27, 2015.

  • News: This MSI laptop transforms into monster gaming rig with a gigantic graphics card dock

    Trying to decide between a laptop and desktop for your next gaming PC? MSI believes it can offer both in one package.

  • News: Microsoft's working to make Xbox games stream right to your browser, report claims

    Microsoft is prepping technology that streams Xbox games on PC browsers, if a new report from veteran Microsoft reporter Brad Sams of Neowin is correct. Both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games will purportedly work with the service, which can be accessed through either Internet Explorer or Chrome.

  • News: Microsoft may buy Minecraft maker Mojang for $2 billion

    Is no independent PC gaming phenomenon safe from the enticing billions of massive technology conglomerates? Oculus sold to Facebook, Amazon bought Twitch, and a new report in the Wall Street Journal claims that Microsoft is in the final stages of a deal to purchase Minecraft developer Mojang for a cool $2 billion or more. (Bloomberg reporter Dina Bass corroborated the claim.) Signatures could fly as early as this very week, WSJ claims.

  • News: Microsoft may buy Minecraft developer for $2 billion

    Satya Nadella could be gearing for his first big acquisition as Microsoft CEO: the company is close to buying the maker of the game Minecraft for more than $2 billion, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal Tuesday.

  • News: Dreadnought preview: It's like World of Tanks and Battlestar Galactica had a baby

    "Everyone always wants to be the fast ships at first. And then they die." These are the dour words of the developer watching over my shoulder as I played Dreadnought, a spaceship combat game, last week. He was right. I died almost immediately, picked out of the sky by a much larger ship as I battered ineffectively against its armor.

  • News: Final Oculus Rift pricing, hardware teased as Gear VR reveals Oculus-ready interface

    It seems like we've been waiting for a consumer version of the Oculus Rift for an absolute eternity now, but new tidbits this week provided a tantalizing glimpse at what we can expect from the VR headset when it does eventually launch, in terms of hardware, software, and price.

  • News: First look: Valiant Hearts for iOS explores World War I's human side via puzzles, love letters, and cartoon visuals

    Many games dig back into historical conflicts for context, but World War I isn't a hugely popular subject--it presumably doesn't offer as many memorable moments or such clearly defined foes as the second World War, nor does it have the divisive legacy and more modern setting employed by Vietnam War-inspired experiences. Regardless, whenever a real-life war is tapped for a game setting, you're usually armed with a weapon, pointed at opposing soldiers, and told to kill. That's war.

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