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  • News: Top Story: DC Universe Online affected by SOE cuts

    This morning's Top Story is an open letter from the producer of DC Universe Online which looks forward to the future of the game despite SOE's recent layoffs.

  • News: Did Activision kill Bizarre?

    When Bizarre Creations closed its doors on February 18 this year, many gamers blamed Activision for the studio's death. How much truth is there in that accusation?

  • News: Grooveshark App Booted from Android Market

    Is Google trying to clean up its act in the Android Market by dumping alleged copyright-infringing applications? That may be the case for at least one app after the controversial music streaming service Grooveshark disappeared from the Android Market on Tuesday. The move comes amid reports that Google is negotiating licensing rights for its new online music streaming service, Google Music.

  • News: Eight DLC Packs You Really Should Play

    Downloadable content is now an integral part of virtually every major release, but many gamers are still unfamiliar with the concept. Here's a handy guide to PC Advisor's favourite DLC.

  • News: Sony PS3 websites attacked by Anonymous group

    The campaigning group 'Anonymous' has got Sony in its sights, launching a denial of service attack against the company's PlayStation network websites in protest at its legal pursuit of PS3 jailbreaker, 'Geohot'.

  • News: Don't take it personally, babe

    It's easy to assume that the big business of the games industry stifles creativity. But every now and then something comes along to remind you all is not lost.

  • News: Solatorobo Looking More Likely for Europe

    The evidence for a Solatorobo release in Europe is steadily piling up. Not only does it have a rating at the Australian Classification Board, it has an English name as well.

  • News: Top Story: Final Fantasy V coming to PSN

    This afternoon's Top Story is the news that classic RPG Final Fantasy V is on the way to PSN's PSone Classics section.

  • News: Confirmed: Delays hit Sony Ericsson Xperia Play launch

    Sony Ericsson's gaming 'PlayStation phone', the Xperia Play, has reportedly been hit by a 'freight issue' that is likely to affect supplies of the phone on its UK launch today.

  • News: O2 delays release of Sony Xperia PLAY

    A Sony Ericsson spokesman last night confirmed to PC Advisor that there are problems with getting stock of the Xperia PLAY 'PlayStation phone' into UK stores. And O2 is currently refusing to stock the Xperia PLAY, instead testing the device to ensure its software is up to scratch.

  • Video: Nintendo 3DS hits New York

    3D games console draws crowd of fans

  • News: Games console sales decline

    Game console and portable game player shipments in 2010 declined from 2009 (roughly -3 percent for consoles and -30 percent for portable game players).

  • News: Angry Birds exec: RIP console gaming

    Angry Birds and other mobile phone games are putting traditional console gaming out to pasture, says Rovio's provocative marketing lead.

  • News: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play to hit UK on March 30

    The Sony Ericsson 'PlayStation phone' will be made available in the UK on March 31.

  • News: Kinect named world's fastest-selling gadget

    Microsoft's Kinect motion-sensing camera for the Xbox 360 has been named the fastest-selling consumer electronics device in history.

  • News: Intel boosts cloud gaming with ray tracing

    A new technology from Intel called ray tracing could bring lifelike images and improved 3D effects to games on tablets and other mobile devices.

  • News: Hands On: Hunted: The Demon's Forge

    Gears of Warcraft? That's what the cynics are saying, but there's more to Hunted: The Demon's Forge than hard bodies and hard combat. Well, only just.

  • News: CeBIT: FSP unveils Aurum power supplies

    At CeBIT today FSP showed off its forthcoming Aurum series of power supply units, which will launch over the course of this year.

  • News: Hands On: Brink

    We get to grips with the latest shooter from indie darlings Splash Damage. Is Brink a new dawn for online shooters?

  • News: CeBIT: Sharkoon unveils new gamer headset

    This morning at CeBIT PC Advisor spoke to Sharkoon, a company that's targeting both PC and console gamers with a range of headsets, as well as making early-adopter-focused high-performance storage products and cases.

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