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  • News: Passionate Players Petition to Save the Galaxy

    The impending closure of SOE's Star Wars Galaxies has inspired a number of dedicated community members to strike back like the Empire, only without the blowing up of any planets.

  • News: GDC to Showcase Indie and Emerging Developers

    Starting with this October's GDC Online, the GDC events will be showcasing new titles from independent and emerging developers worldwide.

  • News: PlanetSide 2 Officially Announced

    Sony's officially announced a sequel to its ambitious massively multiplayer first person shooter PlanetSide, promising thousand-player battles and intense competition.

  • News: Zynga Makes a Game of its Privacy Policy

    Zynga has launched PrivacyVille in an attempt to get more users switched on to privacy-related matters surrounding online games.

  • News: Friendship, Love and Noodles with Life in the Dorms

    The indie development industry refuses to let the adventure game genre die, with an upcoming Xbox Indie Game from Moment Games being the latest contender.

  • News: Hothead Games Introduces Kard Combat, Releasing July 13

    The literally-titled if misspelled Kard Combat has been available on the Canadian App Store for a little while now, but developer Hothead Games has announced that it'll be available for everyone from July 13.

  • News: F1 2011 Exits the Pits on September 20

    F1 2010 provided an excellent racing experience for fans of high-speed racing and offered players the chance to experience the life of Formula One racer both on and off the track. Now Codemasters has announced that the franchise is getting another outing later this year.

  • News: Resident Evil HD Remakes Will Be Games on Demand

    It seems due to a peculiarity of Microsoft's marketplace, the Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica remakes will each feature a full 1000G of Achievements to unlock.

  • News: Get Treasure Hunting with Good Old Games' Hidden Gem Sale

    Good Old Games is holding its own summer sale, and using the opportunity to highlight some of the lesser-known titles in its catalog.

  • News: Monkey Island Special Edition Collection Coming in September

    LucasArts has announced that it's bringing a double-pack containing both Monkey Island Special Edition games to retail this September.

  • News: Mad Catz Signs Game-Publishing Deal with Microsoft

    The well-known peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz has reached an agreement with Microsoft to publish software for the Xbox 360.

  • News: Sid Meier's Civilization World (Beta) Goes Live on Facebook

    If you haven't overdosed on the Sid Meier's Civilization franchise and don't mind giving 2K Games access to your private Facebook info, Civilization World is available now (though still in beta, according to the launch graphic) by clicking here. Like most Facebook apps, it asks for permission to access your basic info (networks, user ID, friends list, etc.), to send you email, post to your wall, access your data "any time," and so on. You've been warned.

  • News: No More Updates for PSP Digital Comics Store

    If you've been staying up to date with your favorite comics with your PSP, it's time to find a new device with which to do that.

  • News: Jonathan Blow, Quantic Dream Headlining GDC Europe

    The European Game Developers Conference, set to take place next month alongside trade show Gamescom, has some interesting-sounding sessions from top developers.

  • News: SpaceChem Used as Educational Tool in Schools

    The indie puzzler SpaceChem, available now from Steam, has been adopted by some UK schools as a teaching aid to help children grasp programming concepts.

  • News: Apple Suffers Courtroom Beatdown Over 'Appstore' Trademark

    A California federal judge has thrown out Apple's dispute against Amazon over the tech giant's supposed ownership of the term "App Store."

  • News: Xbox Live Temporarily Goes Offline

    With all the hacker activity that's been plaguing the gaming industry lately, any interruption can seem like an early indication of foul play. Luckily, that's not what happened to Xbox Live today, although the service did go offline for a matter of hours.

  • News: Wii U Will Support 3D TVs

    While 3DS games are always going to have some degree of 3D in them (hence the name of the system), Nintendo seems to realize that the technology is still just a fad for regular TV owners. According to an article on Joystiq, "the Wii U will support 3D televisions but Nintendo itself won't be focusing on making 3D games."

  • News: Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition Content Revealed

    Several Mass Effect fans were quite happy to learn that promotional content and trailers for Mass Effect 3 will feature "FemShep" as well as the male Commander Shepard. Of that content, one particularly exciting piece comes by way of the Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition, which will have both genders of the lead character on the box.

  • News: Zoom for Kinect Available August 23

    Nyko Technologies' Zoom for Kinect device, which apparently allows gamers to enjoy Kinect titles in 40% less available space, will be available from August 23 for $29.99. The Zoom lets two people play Kinect games in a space that would normally only support one person and will work with any Kinect game.

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