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  • News: Deep dive with Myst co-creator Rand Miller: The full interview

    I recently sat down to talk--at length--with Rand Miller, co-creator of Myst and head of development studio Cyan Worlds. Below you'll find 6,000 or so words on everything from his new game, Obduction, to exploring New Mexico, motion sickness, the Oculus Rift, Jonathan Blow's new game The Witness, the death of first-person adventure games, and more.

  • News: Origin EON17-S review: This gaming laptop is an absolute beast

    I'm a gamer. And, like most gamers, I prefer huge, liquid-cooled, multiple-graphics-card-sporting desktops to laptops (even gaming laptops). But sometimes you need a machine that's as portable as it is powerful, and that's where Origin's extreme gaming laptop, the EON17-S, comes into play.

  • News: Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console finally hits stores

    Sony's highly anticipated PlayStation 4 gaming console is finally here.

  • News: PlayStation 4 review roundup: 5 things you need to know

    Sony's Playstation 4 launched on Friday, and the reviews are starting to roll in.

  • News: Anomaly 2 upgrades the tower defense genre on iOS

    Tower defense games have always been a bit daft: waves of baddies throw themselves at stationary murder-spires until you whittle them down to naught, or the sheer mass of their corpses overwhelms your firepower.

  • News: Oculus Rift is mind-blowing (if you don't barf)

    The Oculus Rift is aptly named, because it divides the world into two camps: Those who are stoked for this headset to be the first successful attempt at making virtual reality (VR) mainstream, and those who have to rip away the headset before they barf. With its high-resolution screen, top-of-the-line tracking sensors and lightweight chassis, it's either the best or worst VR experience you've ever had.

  • News: Drag the princess to another castle: How to back up your PC game saves

    Those who cannot retrieve their digital history are doomed to repeat it, and that's why preserving your saved games should be a regular part of any gamer's backup strategy. Few computer catastrophes cut as deeply as the pain you'll feel if you lose your hard-earned level progress or that killer +20 bastard sword of unholy smiting just because you move to new hardware or your hard drive gives up the ghost.

  • News: AMD bundling Battlefield 4 with video cards based on its Radeon R9-series GPUs

    AMD has announced that effective November 13, consumers who buy a video card based on one of its Radeon R9-series GPUs at a participating retailer will get a free copy of the hit game Battlefield 4. The company also announced that gamers who buy a card based on its less-expensive R7 260X GPU can choose two free games from the Silver tier of its "Never Settle Forever" program.

  • News: Amazon's PlayStation Network Store adds full games ahead of PS4 launch

    Just days before the PlayStation 4 goes on sale on November 15, Amazon has refreshed its digital PlayStation offerings with the newly named Amazon PlayStation Network Store. The new digital storefront offers digital games, downloadable content (DLC), and season pass subscriptions for the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita alike.

  • News: Tiny Death Star: Return of the routine

    Everyone remembers Tamogotchis. While they offered no real purpose beyond tickling my latent need to organize and nurture a needlessly intricate system, they did a pretty good job of holding my attention. For a time, at least: you could only optimize those feeding and care cycles for so long before realizing you're kind of spinning your wheels, having long since run out of things to do.

  • News: SkyDrive, Hulu, Xbox Video to live in Xbox One's 'apps channel'

    When gamers open up their new Xbox One game console on November 22, they'll discover a new "app channel" treatment that places their photos and videos alongside traditional channels like ABC and Fox.

  • News: Microsoft's Xbox One won't play 3D Blu-ray movies

    With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch dates barreling ever closer, we're still getting flooded with information about what each console can and (perhaps more importantly) can't do. Microsoft recently said that the Xbox One will be a giant brick until it receives a mandatory Day One update when it debuts next Friday, November 22, and even that crucial patch won't give the console the ability to play 3D Blu-ray movies--at least for now.

  • News: Blizzard announces new World of Warcraft expansion and more at BlizzCon 2013

    After a year's hiatus, Blizzard Entertainment returned to the Anaheim Convention Center this week to host the 7th BlizzCon fan event.

  • News: Lego, Hollywood whodunits, and Neil Gaiman: The creation of Wayward Manor

    One day Neil Gaiman will rule everything. I've seen it in the stars. I've foretold it in tea leaves. I heard about it at GDC Next 2013 in Los Angeles on Thursday.

  • News: Eyes-on the CastAR, augmented-reality glasses built by former Valve engineers

    Strapping tiny computers to your face is popular enough now that it's easy to lump Technical Illusions' CastAR augmented-reality glasses in with Google Glass, the Oculus Rift and other high-tech eyewear.

  • News: PlayStation 4 gets Netflix and more at launch, but where's the music?

    PlayStation 4 buyers will have plenty of streaming video options when the console launches next week, but will likely have to get their tunes from elsewhere.

  • News: Microsoft aims to eliminate game patches with next-gen Xbox Live

    The best part about playing a game that's always online: never wasting time waiting for a patch to download again. The worst part is trying to play a brand-new game--like SimCity or Diablo 3--that relies on online services, which tend to buckle when hundreds of thousands of players log in at once.

  • News: Two top PC games gain Linux support ahead of SteamOS

    Valve's Linux-based SteamOS hasn't arrived just yet, nor have the company's living room-ready "Steam Machines," but a couple of notable game developers have already prepared Linux ports of their hit titles. This week, Metro: Last Light and Super Meat Boy both got the open-source OS treatment.

  • News: Developers still think Windows 8 has potential--if Microsoft steps up

    It's safe to say Windows 8 hasn't been the smashing success Microsoft hoped. After more than a year on the market and one major update, Windows 8 is just flirting with a 10 percent market share. That's higher than Vista or OS X, but dwarfed by Windows 7 and even (still!) Windows XP.

  • News: Valve shows off Steam Machines, blows some smoke

    Valve is teasing a few more details about SteamOS and Steam Machines, while saving the bigger news on its living room gaming invasion for early next year.

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