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Hey Look, It's Mari0! The Portal-Mario Mashup Is Finally Here

This mashup game of Super Mario Bros. and Portal is finally here--and it's completely free.

Last September, we saw an incredible video of an indie mashup game called Mari0 made from equal parts of Mario, Portal, and awesomeness. Now the game's developer, "Stabyourself," has finished Mari0 and it's completely free to play.

The game features a complete "from-scratch" recreation of the classic 1985 classic Super Mario Bros.,except with a physics educing Portal Gun twist. You can use Mario's Portal Gun to send your enemies into infinite loops or to make it even easier to get to that Warp Room in World 1-2.

The game also has Portal inspired Test Chambers, but sadly there isn't any GLaDOS commentary to go along with them. Mari0 is packed with even more extras including 33 hats, filters to make the game look like the old CRT television, bullet-time and make-Mario-giant-size cheats, free DLC, and absolutely no continues whatsoever.

Mari0 is available now for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Best of all? It's free! But if you try out the game and like it, always, always remember to donate some amount of money so Stabyourself can continue to create these awesome and free indie games.

[Stabyourself via Destructoid]

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