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Fox News Attacks 'Liberal Agenda' Behind SimCity and Flower

Fox News segment includes a baffling interview where SimCity and Flower are attacked for promoting "scare tactics and guilt."

Are video games promoting a hidden liberal agenda? That's the bat-shit insane theory that Fox News is trying to push in one of their recent news segments.

Radio host T.J. McCormack comes on-air to bemoan the fact that games like SimCity Societies (you know, the one from 2007) use "scare tactics and guilt" to encourage you away from doing things like building nuclear power plants. Of course, McCormack can't understand why someone would want to use something other than nuclear energy which is "arguably the safest form of energy out there."

Personally, after having lived next to a deadly wind turbine that ate children and seeing killer solar panels installed at my local bus stop, I fully agree.

While no one mentions Flower directly, the game's footage is shown as the pundit talks about "kids freaking out with sweaty palms worried about whether or not they're going to kill a bunch of virtual polar bears." Proving that Fox News thinks Jenova Chen?'s understated, artistic gem is secretly about global warming and trying to mess with children's heads.

And when they bring up the fact that maybe these types of games are "better than teaching kids to play war games"? The reply is, "But it's also boring!" So not only is SimCity Societies trying to sway your political opinion, but it's also much less fun that shooting people in the face, then tea-bagging their corpse...those are more important life lessons, after all.

(thanks Joystiq)


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