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18 most important handheld gaming systems

A look back over 30 years: the flops and the successes

Three decades have passed since the debut of Milton Bradley's Microvision - the first handheld gaming console. We look back and chart the highs and lows of handheld video consoles.

Nokia N-Gage (2003) and Tiger Telematics Gizmondo (2005)

These two unfortunate (but unrelated) consoles have one thing in common. They were impressive flops.

The N-Gage combined a mobile phone and a handheld video game console in a single device that performed neither function very well.

The Gizmondo was an utter train wreck, complete with a terrible game library and an embarrassing marketing effort.

Nintendo DS (2004)

To follow up the multimillion-selling Game Boy Advance, Nintendo introduced a device with two screens, one of them touch-sensitive.

Many skeptics predicted that the extra screen would prove superfluous and that the new device, theNintendo DS, would flop.
But Nintendo has had the last laugh, moving 113.48 million Nintendo DS units worldwide to date.

Nintendo replaced its original, bulky DS model with the svelte and compact DS Lite in 2006, and it remains a major breadwinner for Nintendo.

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  1. We look at 30 years and the flops and successes
  2. Epoch Game Pocket Computer and Nintendo Game Boy
  3. Atari Lynx and NEC TurboExpress
  4. Sega GameGear and Genesis Nomad
  5. Tiger Game.com and the Game Boy Colour
  6. SNK Geo Pocket Colour and the Bandai WonderSwan Colour
  7. Game Boy Advance and Game Park GP32
  8. Nokia N-Gage and Nintendo DS
  9. PSP portable and the future

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