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Free games: The 15 best sites on the internet

Free games sites and the best downloads

Flash and Shockwave Fun

5. OneMoreLevel.com

The slogan on this site reads 'A new addictive flash game every weekday, or your money back' - and they don't appear to be kidding. For instance, one recent game du jour was a charming time management title, Sushi Go Round, which challenges you to assemble various sushi orders for customers at a sushi-boat bar.

Games are categorised by type (Action, Classics, Puzzle, and so on), and there's a list of the most played games if you're the monkey-see, monkey-do type of casual gamer. You'll have to play a lot of games to run out of things to do here.

6. Shockwave

Shockwave.com has a mixed bag of downloadable and free web-based games, for both single and multiple players. Many of the web-based games are versions of popular desktop games: I tried out Sandlot Games' Cake Mania but found it painfully slow, even on my fast office connection, compared with the PC game (which Shockwave.com repeatedly offers as a $20 (£10) download).

Other games are just fine, though. A colleague confided that the Shockwave.com version of Bounce Out was her guilty pleasure, and you may find others here too.

Blasts from the past

7. Every Video Game

If you've never gotten over your first console love affair, you'll want to head immediately to this site. Here you'll find hundreds of old Nintendo (as in NES), Sega, and Gameboy classics, all playable for free (no ads, either) via your browser with Java 1.5 or later installed.

It's not complete - you won't find franchise titles such as the original Legend of Zelda or Mario Brothers. The emulation plays in a fairly tiny screen, and the sound on the games I tried out was pretty scratchy. Still, I had fun revisiting the Back to the Future games, and Matt's blog post about the site mentions several other oldies but goodies, including Double Dragon, Ultima Exodus, and Wizards and Warriors. All in all, a nice trip down game memory lane.

8. 1980s-games.com

In a similar vein, 1980-games.com is a treasure trove of old arcade and NES games. Here I did find Donkey Kong, Galaga, and a really well-done Ms. Pacman. The emulators are excellent, with none of the audio issues I found on Every Video Game.

There are some fairly unobtrusive Google ads; the only display ad was in French (typing 1980-games.com without the /us extension at the end gets you a French-language version). The selection, while impressive, falls short of the numbers on Every Video Game, but there are a lot of links to even more game sites. Be aware, however, that I saw at least one link going to adult content.

9. Runescape

If World of Warcraft is too pricey for you, head over to UK developer Jagex's Runescape to get your free, ad-supported, massively multiplayer online role-playing game fix. A $5 (£2.50) per month membership dispenses with the ads and provides access to more content, but the free version is eminently respectable and has already reportedly attracted some 10 million signups.

I walked through an elaborate and fairly lengthy in-world tutorial that teaches you the basics of the interface and game skills, from cooking meals to casting spells, creating weapons, and fighting. It felt to me like a souped-up version of a MUD (multiuser dungeon) - the largely text-based multiplayer games that first appeared on electronic bulletin boards. If you're on a quest for quests, start here.

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