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Things Sony and Nintendo can learn from Apple

Not that they asked for the advice

2008 saw Apple prove its worth as a competitor in the handheld console market dominated by Sony and Nintendo. We've rounded up the things both gaming giants could learn from Apple. And for good measure we've compiled a list of the greatest iphone games available.

Action Junkie

Hero of Sparta
In this pretty impressive God of War-like action game, some solid hack-and-slashery is going on. My only real complaint is that the frame rate can get a little choppy at times. Still, it's a solid effort that's a lot of fun to take a stab at.


Chocolate Shop Frenzy
Fans of time-management games like Diner Dash need to check this out. In it, you serve chocoholics and play a Bejeweled-style mini-game at the same time.

This title is a high-style, vector-graphics flight game.

Playing this Tetris-like game takes a very steady hand. The difference here is that you want to stack your blocks up as high as they will go - and make sure not to tilt your phone too much in the process.

Brothers in Arms - Hour of Heroes
This is an amazing rendition of the World War II shooting title, ported to the iPhone. The controls are surprisingly smooth, proving that you can have a good shooting-game experience on your handset. It's... wait for it... a blast.


Flick Bowling
Twitch your finger and fling balls down the lane. Good physics models and nice graphics make this game a must-buy.

Guitar Rock Tour
Tap drums or play guitar riffs to cover classic rock songs. Hearing ‘rock You Like a Hurricane' without a German-accented singer just seems wrong.

Real Soccer 2009
This fully legitimate, arcadey football title looks and handles fantastically.

A Taste of the Classics

Addicted to Choplifter way back in the day? The game has been updated, and you steer with the tilt controls.


Dr. Awesome
Excise viruses in this modern take on Qix. It gets a little repetitive, but it has an awesome name. Plus, your patients are people on your iPhone contact list.

Here's a simple dart-hurling sim for when you aren't in some pub.

Crazy Tanks
Remember Combat on the Atari 2600? Think more colorful and cooler.

It's the classic card game, on your phone.

Snag this classic retro shooter.

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  1. Not that they asked for the advice
  2. The greatest iPhone games of 2008
  3. Games for action junkies
  4. The best puzzlers on the iPhone

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