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Things Sony and Nintendo can learn from Apple

Not that they asked for the advice

2008 saw Apple prove its worth as a competitor in the handheld console market dominated by Sony and Nintendo. We've rounded up the things both gaming giants could learn from Apple. And for good measure we've compiled a list of the greatest iPhone games available.

The Greatest iPhone Games of 2008

There's hundreds of iPhone games available but I guarantee these are the games that you'll want to get your hands on.

Oddball Gaming

This stylish puzzle adventure has you rolling little ball people around a colourful world. In fact, it's probably the best game on the iPhone to date. Play it.

I Love Katamari
Rolling up a big pile of garbage might not sound like fun, but this game definitely cleans up. Speaking of which, Namco needs to update the tilt controls a little before this good game becomes great.

Flight of the Hamsters
It seems simple enough - launch a hamster and see how far it'll go - but this game is amazingly addictive.

Amateur Surgeon
Here's a goofball cross between Operation and the DS's Trauma Center: Under The Knife.

Touch Physics
This rip-off - ahem- tribute to the indie game Crayon Physics has you drawing shapes to solve puzzles. I'm playing this until the real deal comes to the iPhone.

Sim Cities and Strategies

It's SimCity, and it's in the palm of your hand (technically, it's SimCity 3000, but you get the idea). This spot-on re-creation operates surprisingly smoothly, providing everything from advisors to disasters - all that you'd expect from the classic PC game.


Hands down, this is one of the best and most polished iPhone games going. If you're a Tower Defense fan, check this out.

Remember the board game Risk? That's what you have here.

Zombie Attack
Defend your home from roaming undead by setting up turrets and traps.

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