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The 26 best role playing games ever

Must-have games for any roleplay fan

There's no doubt that role-playing games (RPGs) are some of the best video games around, but with so much choice, which ones should you be playing? We’ve rounded up the 26 best RPG games.

13: Final Fantasy XII

This conclusive Final Fantasy game for the PlayStation 2 is considered by many RPG fans to be a series pinnacle of storytelling, combat customisation, and graphical beauty.

Taking place in the world of Ivalice, gamers were treated to a rich tale of magic, war, and revolution with one of the most memorable video game casts yet. Not only did Final Fantasy XII introduce the Active Time Battle and Gambit systems, but it also changed a tried and true RPG standard by eliminating random battles entirely.

It sold like crazy and became the tenth best-selling PS2 game in US history. Final Fantasy XII is still one of the best titles around, with a style that challenges even the most modern, high-tech video games today.

12: Earthbound

Plenty of SNES gamers who could get beyond the game's graphics received a real treat when they first fired up Earthbound. What seemed to be the simple story of a boy saving the world turned out to be an RPG that played off of US culture and RPG clichés.

Between calling your deadbeat dad, swinging a baseball bat at hippies, or taking on your next door neighbor in a battle to save the world, Earthbound wasn't your average RPG.

11: Mass Effect

Bioware is a company that knows how to make quality RPG titles and Mass Effect is one of their best efforts to date. A deep and satisfying adventure set in a sprawling universe, Mass Effect had a little something for everyone.

A complex story with far reaching consequences, compelling action sequences, tons of 'phat lootz', characters you actually came to care about and a deep dialogue tree were just some of the reasons why Mass Effect was hailed by critics and gamers alike.

10: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

There are two things gamers have always wanted to do when it comes to Star Wars. The first is to swing a motion-controlled lightsaber, and the second is to choose between light and dark side.

While we still haven't quite seen the former done justice, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is exactly what fans wanted out of the latter. With a style and story better than the last three movies, and a real-time role-playing system that wisely buries its D20 roots under layers of lightsabers and blasters, KOTOR is a Star Wars fan's wet dream.

Declaration: Knights of the Old Republic is the best RPG of the last generation.

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  1. The must-have games for any role play fan
  2. Skies of Arcadia and Planetscape Torment
  3. Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness and Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn
  4. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
  5. Final Fantasy XII and Earthbound
  6. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Xenogears
  7. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Fallout 3
  8. Our top three role playing games

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