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The 26 best role playing games ever

Must-have games for any roleplay fan

There's no doubt that role-playing games (RPGs) are some of the best video games around, but with so much choice, which ones should you be playing? We’ve rounded up the 26 best RPG games.

16: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

The original Pokemon titles, Red and Blue, launched an international phenomenon that the gaming world never saw coming. With Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, the fever was hitting Pokemon Trainers everywhere like a tidal wave.

A refined battle system, wireless challenges via the Nintendo WiFi network, and 493 species of Pokemon to catch made this game the ultimate DS title for any RPG fan to have. Pokemon D/P alone quickly became the best selling games of last year, going on to sell 15 million copies worldwide. If you're going to catch 'em all, start with the best Pokemon game yet.

15: Suikoden III

While Suikoden was indeed stellar during the 32-bit era, we're going to ultimately give the duke to the first PS2-era Suikoden title. The first two were definite charmers with great sprite-based graphics, but Suikoden III's superb storytelling pushes it over the top.

Viewing the game's events through the eyes of three major characters and then picking one of them as the game's ultimate hero not only does wonder for the narriative, it also shoots the replay value through the roof. Thankfully you've still got your pick of dozens of playable characters amongst your 108 recruits.

Equal parts Rashomon and Pokemon, Suikoden III is an amazing, unique, and extremely accessible RPG.

14: Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG started out like any other Mario game: Bowser kidnaps Princess Toadstool once again, Mario gives chase, and a giant talking sword shatters the heavens and takes over Bowser's castle, sending you on a quest to restore order to the land... Wait, what? Yep, right from the first hour, a simple mission for Mario turned into a quest to save the entire world outside of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Of course, Shigeru Miyamoto's influence pushed Mario's first RPG into various awards and many top selling lists, making Super Mario RPG the last must have Mario game for the Super Nintendo. Wii owners are in luck, since the hotly demanded game is available on the Virtual Console.

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  1. The must-have games for any role play fan
  2. Skies of Arcadia and Planetscape Torment
  3. Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness and Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn
  4. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
  5. Final Fantasy XII and Earthbound
  6. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Xenogears
  7. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Fallout 3
  8. Our top three role playing games

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