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The 28 best ever first-person shooter games

The best FPS experiences you'll ever have

First Person Shooters (FPS) are one of the most loved game genres. So we've picked out the 28 must-have FPS games that your collection needs.

13: Perfect Dark

Why It's Great: Rare took the FPS world by storm with the announcement of Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64, which served as an important refinement over the classic Goldeneye 007. Players could choose to take part in an epic single player mode, engaging in stealthy espionage and Rambo-esque gunfight sequences as they fought their way towards the truth behind dataDyne's dark past, or jump head-on into a multiplayer experience that many would compare to that of GoldenEye. With incredibly inventive weapons (laptop gun, anyone?) mixed with beautiful graphics and a fantastic soundtrack, Perfect Dark was - and still is - a true must-own shooter. Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 prequel Perfect Dark Zero radically altered the winning formula and lost many of its fans in the process.

12: Crysis

Why It's Great: Crysis is literally one surprise after another. You're dropped on North Korean territory in a government issued nano-suit, and charged with taking down the radical KCP faction. So far, so good. But halfway through your pursuit, a race of advanced extraterrestrials enters the fray. Throw in some surprisingly open-world gameplay, astonishingly detailed visuals, and the option to switch between your nano-suits abilities on the fly, and you have one of the most complete PC shooters ever created. While the steep, steep system requirements definitely took their toll on the game's sales, Crysis is one of the few games that was actually worth the investment in new PC hardware.

11: Deus Ex

Why It's Great: Deus Ex took the FPS world by surprise with its cyberpunk plot. But the real treat was the complex, strategic gameplay that could only be described as the ‘thinking man's shooter. Starring as nano-augmented special agent JC Denton, players would quickly find that their actions in the field would directly impact the storyline and events in a crumbling vision of a future North America. Speaking of the storyline, the plot makes frequent hairpin turns as friends turn into enemies (and vice-versa), and the events are reflected by your playing style. Even combat could radically shift the game experience, as you carefully selected and upgraded your combat skills and nano-tech Augmentation abilities.

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  1. The best first person shooter experiences you'll ever have
  2. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil and The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay
  3. TimeSplitters: Future Perfect and Counter-Strike: Source
  4. Battlefield 1942 and Far Cry
  5. Perfect Dark and Crysis
  6. F.E.A.R. and System Shock II
  7. Duke Nukem 3D and Quake II
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