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The 36 best PlayStation 2 games

The must-have games for PS2 owners

Even though the Playstation 2 is nearly 10 years old, its still remains the best-selling console to date. Here's our round-up of the 36 must-have games that every PS2 owner will want to get their hands on.

22: Bully

Year: 2006

"Jimmy Hopkins-you're quite the nastiest little boy I've ever seen!" These words lead you into the shoes of Bully's red-headed, trouble-making protagonist, as well as life at Bulworth Academy. Rockstar took its spectacular open-world engine from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and applied it to a private school run by cliques and bullies. As Hopkins, you had the freedom to skateboard around town, play pranks on the faculty, and even participate in mini-games that acted as Jimmy's school 'classes'. With a stellar storyline and Rockstar's trademark voice acting, Bully was a fantastic sandbox experience with a lot of heart.

21: Burnout 3: Takedown

Year: 2004

Burnout is still driving strong, but the series really hit top speed with its third PS2 iteration. In addition to the great racing and crash modes showcased in earlier titles, Burnout 3 added a much deeper championship mode and a cool little feature called the 'Aftertouch', which allows you to control your car, post-crash, in order to take out other racers. Burnout 3 was also the last game in the series based in some semblance of reality, as future titles allowed you to ram into the back of cars going the same direction as you without punishment, which took a lot of the intensity out of the race.

20: Twisted Metal Black

Year: 2001

After its two previous less-than-stellar incarnations from 989 Studios, Incognito went back to the drawing board for the franchise's PS2 debut. Luckily for PS2 owners, they created the darkest, most brutal vehicular combat experience to date! Set in its own continuity, Twisted Metal Black was able to revamp the stories behind fan-favorites such as Sweet Tooth, Mr Grimm and Axel, giving them darker, more disturbing origins. With stunning, fast-placed gameplay that was sure to get your adrenaline pumping, there was no way you could stand idly by and watch a Twisted Metal deathmatch: it was drive or die.

19: Devil May Cry

Year: 2001

Before Devil May Cry, the action genre was filled with slow, klodgy shooters. Capcom changed all that with the debut of this classic PS2 action game. Devil May Cry made action stylish and cool, with leather-clad Dante using his devastating sword to send enemies airborne and a variety of firearms to keep them up there. Devil May Cry is almost as fun to watch as it is to play, and it's still the best in the overall Devil May Cry series.

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