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The 36 best PlayStation 2 games

The must-have games for PS2 owners

Even though the Playstation 2 is nearly 10 years old, it remains the best-selling console to date. Here's our round-up of the 36 must-have games that every PS2 owner will want to get their hands on.

32: SSX 3

Year: 2003

SSX introduced us to the world of extreme arcade snowboarding, SSX Tricky upped the ante with insane new tricks and death-defying tracks, but SSX 3 was the first in the series that truly immersed us in the experience, with an unprecedented amount of character customisation and one giant mountain that was ripe for the shredding. It was SSX 3's attention to detail, such as courses affected by weather in real time, that made the third title in the stellar snowboarding series one to remember.

31: Escape from Monkey Island

Year: 2001

You could hear the jaws of adventure fanatics drop all across the country when LucasArt's Escape from Monkey Island was announced for the PS2. The fourth installment of the Monkey Island franchise was also the first title to take our goofy, but lovable protagonist Guybrush Threepwood into the realm of 3D. With original puzzles, clever writing, and all-around fantastic voice acting, Escape from Monkey Island was an achievement in adventure games, and a nostalgia trip to the days of point-and-click.

30: Marvel vs Capcom 2

Year: 2001

Surprisingly, one of the PS1's biggest weaknesses was 2D games, particularly memory-intensive fighting games. Any fan of the genre who played Capcom's popular 'Vs' series had to endure horrific load times and the removal of the series' signature feature, the ability to switch between characters in the middle of a match. Thankfully, the feature was restored in time for the best game in the series to get a picture-perfect port. While we wish the game could have included some sweet online play, the rest of Marvel vs Capcom 2 is amazing enough to make up for it.


Year: 2003

The sequel to the groundbreaking SOCOM was a revolutionary step in team-based strategic shooting, not to mention online console gaming as a whole. Compatible with the PlayStation 2's USB headset, SOCOM II reinvented what it meant to play as a team when a member of your squad would call for back-up in real time, or sneaking through the jungle with 15 other players all looking for a headshot. While cheaters eventually ruined the online experience for many, players everywhere still carry fond memories from SOCOM II - and we haven't even mentioned the stellar single-player mode!

28: Black

Year: 2006

Black features completely destructible environments, an amazing arsenal of weapons, and 'Style Kills' rewarded for suave decapitations, there was no way you couldn't play this game without feeling like an absolute badass. The revolutionary physics also blew away the competition with real-time debris flying from destroyed buildings and vehicles, plus unmatched explosions that flattened foe and environment alike. The prettiest shooter on the PS2 is also one of the best.

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