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Pictures: The 9 worst technology hoarders... ever

Just look at what they've got stashed in nooks and crannies

Some of us have a tendency to hoard. Whether it's spare parts for a car, old correspondence or childhood mementos we just can't bear to part with. However, for some, its technology. I've taken some pictures of the worst tech hoarding areas in my home, along with some other brave souls. Why not check them out?

Headed for eBay... any time now

And oh, what's this in this cubbie beneath my desk? That's my trusty G5 PowerMac tower, in exactly the space where it belongs - except that it hasn't been powered up since I got my current MacBook in August of 2008.

I keep meaning to wipe the hard drive and put it up for sale on eBay, though at this point it's pretty lame and out of date, and I'm not convinced anyone would buy it.

Maybe I should wait another two or three years and it will become a valuable antique.

The last stop

Believe it or not, none of those previous pics include stuff that I have definitively decided to throw out.

No, the equipment in that category has been banished to the basement, where it awaits a trip to the electronics recycling centre that never seems to get organised.

Pictured above in the computer equipment graveyard: non-functional speakers; a fried keyboard (milk and electronics don't go together, kids); a dead flatscreen monitor; a broken wireless hub; and a moribund inkjet printer that I purchased during a brief stint living in Germany (thus the need for the aforementioned 220V-to-110V adapter).

The sad thing is that this collection only represents material gathered since I moved into my current home in the autumn of 2003.

A year and a half earlier, when I moved out of my California apartment on relatively short notice, I actually had to do a purge of a similarly diverse collection of computer crap, including a Mac SE/30 that I had dreams of turning into a Linux file server and a pile of external hard drives of varying levels of reliability.

You'd think I would have learned my lesson once I got the chance to start with a clean slate, but apparently you'd be wrong.

But I am not alone in my affliction! Read on to see some of the impressive collections sent to me by readers with piles of stuff.

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  1. Just look at what they've got statshed in nooks and crannies
  2. Headed for eBay... any time now
  3. Get floppy
  4. 10 percent necessary

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