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Ultimate weddings, birthdays and funerals for geeks

Take your love for gadgets all the way

If you've ever dreamed of marrying a video-game character, having your ashes put in a computer, or holding your wedding on the deck of Star Trek's USS Enterprise, you're not alone. Geeks before you have had the same ideas - and some have even implemented them.

Star Trek weddings

If you're a true Trekker, you live, breathe, and eat Star Trek style.

This couple knows that - which is why they chose to get married on the bridge of the USS Enterprise.

The groom wore a genuine Vulcan ambassador costume, and the bride wore a T'Pau costume.

It turns out that Star Trek weddings are pretty popular - another couple had their very own Vulcan vow renewal ceremony on the deck of the Enterprise.

Image Credit: Youtube user DailyAviator

Super Mario proposal

Guys have it pretty hard these days - they have to come up with unique, amazing proposal ideas.

Luckily, it's not that hard if your girlfriend is a geek - just take this guy.

Using a program called 'Lunar Magic', this intrepid Mario fan designed a level of Super Mario World to spell out 'WILL YOU MARRY ME?' in gold coins.

He had his girlfriend play some old-school Nintendo, and then got down on one knee to pop the question. She said yes.

Image Credit: Asylum.co.uk

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