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Ultimate weddings, birthdays and funerals for geeks

Take your love for gadgets all the way

If you've ever dreamed of marrying a video-game character, having your ashes put in a computer, or holding your wedding on the deck of Star Trek's USS Enterprise, you're not alone. Geeks before you have had the same ideas - and some have even implemented them.

Fun wedding invites

What happens when geeks fall in love? Geeky weddings complete with awesome invitations!

At left, one couple's wedding invites featured Nintendo Wii Mii characters.

Apparently the bride wasn't a Nintendo fangirl - so at least we know she must really love him.

Another couple played off of their love for the X-Men in their Save-the-Dates (to the right). The bride's last name was 'Mann', so it worked out nicely.

Image Credit: (1) 4 Color Rebellion; (2) Offbeat Bride

IE6 Funeral

Apparently funerals aren't just for mourning the loss of actual people.

Internet Explorer 6 was finally laid to rest - quickly and easily, with a simple update.

But not everybody was willing to let go so easily.

Aten Design Group, a Denver, Colorado, company, held a mock funeral for the browser.

And it wasn't just a website-only memorial - about 100 people attended to pay their respects.

Those who couldn't attend in person sent regards - one beautiful bouquet arrived with the note: "Thanks for the good times IE6. See you all at MIX where we'll show a little piece of IE heaven".

It was from the Internet Explorer Team at Microsoft.

Image Credit: Flickr user atendesigngroup

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