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7 Google Android devices that aren't mobile phones

Google's OS expands to other devices

Google Android isn't just the name on everyone's lips when it comes to mobile phones. The open-source OS has also made it on to mobile internet entertainment devices, netbooks and other gadgets. We've rounded up 7 gadgets that run Android but aren't mobile phones.

Google Android has been the name on everyone's lips when it comes to mobile phones for the past year and a half.

However, the operating system has expanded and can now be found on all kinds of network-enabled entertainment devices.

Indeed, a number of manufacturers make embedded Android wares which would allow the operating system to run on anything and everything.

So far, most Android devices that are shipping, or near to it, fall into three categories: the iPod knock-off, an entertainment device sans phone otherwise known as a mobile internet device (MID), the netbook and the tablet.

We've rounded up our seven favourites.

Archos 5 32GB internet tablet with Android

What it is: A multimedia player that also plays high-def TV, surfs the internet, includes GPS and can support many other Android applications.

Why it's interesting: On its own, the Archos 5 internet tablet device requires Wi-Fi to connect to the web, but it can also link to a Bluetooth equipped 3.5G phone.

SmartQ V5 MID 1080P player

What it is: A multimedia player that supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and can also connect to mobile service providers with an optional card.

Why it's interesting: Not only can you play YouTube and listen to music, but the device also lets you read and edit documents in Microsoft Word/Excel, OpenOffice, RTF, HTML or TXT formats.

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  1. Google's OS expands to other devices
  2. Ramos W7 'Blue Magic' MID and the eviGroup's MID Wallet
  3. Aspire One D250 and the Menq EasyPC E790
  4. HP Compaq AirLife 100

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