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10 product patents we want to see made

Why can't we buy products based on these patents yet?

They're clever. They're creative. And some of them are just plain bizarre. How come we can't yet buy products based on these patents?

Getting all emotional

Various digital cameras now incorporate smile-detection technology. Controller-free gesture detection is coming soon to a game console near you.

Sony's emotion-detecting patent combines aspects of both ideas, using a webcam and a microphone to help your PlayStation 3 determine whether you're busting a gut with laughter, seething with anger, or half-dozing with ennui.

Presumably, PS3 titles of the future will then adjust the game play in response to your mood.

Here's an idea: maybe Sky could license the technology and use it to gauge your taste in movies, and then record ones that match your preferences?

Chuckling up a storm at a comedy would be a good sign; doing the same in response to a drama, not so much.

The Lego supercomputer

Normally, we wouldn't expect to get all that excited over an IBM patent for a technology designed to help data centres conserve energy and space.

We're kind of smitten with this one, though. It involves computers, storage, and other electronics built into brick-shaped modules that snap together.

When a company needed more computing power, all it would have to do is stack up more bricks.

The patent explains that the bricks can be assembled into cubes, walls, towers and L-shaped formations, practically inviting IT people to get creative.

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