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10 NASA projects being hampered by funding

These inventions might never see the light of day

Budget constraints and changing priorities may stifle these 10 NASA innovations that could benefit us on earth as well as astronauts

Moon rocket

Northrop Grumman said it successfully demonstrated the rocket engine known as the TR202 lunar descent engine that could be used on the spacecraft that lands on the moon.

Northrop pintle injector technology was used on the original Apollo Lunar Module Descent Engine and the company is working with NASA to develop the technology as a candidate propulsion option for the NASA Altair lunar lander.

According to NASA, Altair will be capable of landing four astronauts on the moon, providing life support and a base for weeklong initial surface exploration missions, and returning the crew to the Orion spacecraft that will bring them home to Earth.

Run flat tyre

Flat tyres can be a serious problem whether you are tooling down the interstate or crunching across a foreign planet.

NASA and Goodyear developed an airless tyre that lets large, long-range vehicles transport heavy loads across the surface of the moon.

The 'Spring Tyre' has inside 800 load-bearing springs and is designed to carry much heavier vehicles over much greater distances than the wire mesh tire previously used on the Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV).

According to Goodyear, NASA requires tyres that can handle vehicles weigh ten times what Apollo required.

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  1. These inventions might never see the light of day thanks to budget constraints
  2. ROxygen and Robots
  3. Moon rocket and flat tyres
  4. Firewalls and mixing balloons and parachutes
  5. Lunar electric rover and heavy lifting

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