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Five technologies that will change the face of IT

USB 3.0, 3DTV and other technologies

We look at five technologies that look set to become part of every day lives very soon, to find out how they'll change our lives.

Other prototype applications display information dropped at particular coordinates as 3D models that the user can walk around, or as animations whose details update in 3D relative to the user's position.

But the technology for those apps isn't ripe yet; handhelds require a more-precise positioning mechanism in order to handle that kind of data insertion. Fortunately, each smartphone generation seems to include more and better sensors.

In other realms, augmented reality may serve to provide not just additional information, but enhanced vision.

One day, infrared cameras mounted on the front of a car will illuminate a far-away object represented as a bright-as-day image on an in-windshield display.

Radar signals and wireless receivers will detect and display cars that are out of sight; and one piece of glass will host GPS and traffic reporting.

Leaping past displays, Parviz and his team are working on ways to put the display directly on the eyeball.

They're trying to develop a technology for embedding video circuitry into wearable contact lenses.

While wearing such contact lenses, you would see a continuous, context-based data feed overlaid on your field of vision.

Before Parviz's lenses become a reality, augmented reality is likely to become a routine navigation and interaction aid on mobile devices.
In addition, game developers may use the technology to overlay complete digital game environments over the reality that gamers see around them.


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