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5 sport technologies we love... and 5 we hate

Tech has changed sport, not always for the better

Many technologies can enhance a fan's enjoyment of sports. Some others are just plain annoying. Here's five that we love and five that we're not so keen on.

Crazy swim suits

At this year's world swimming championships, 43 new world records were set - not because swimmers suddenly became more talented but because they got better swimsuits. Just as steroids have tainted other sports, swimming competitions have become a joke because of full-body, speed-enhancing swimsuits made from polyurethane.

The suits are water-repellent, reduce drag, improve buoyancy and use a corset-like grip to maintain optimal body position in the water.
American Michael Phelps won eight gold medals and set seven records at last year's Olympics.

He only lost a race this year, after he was pitched against a swimmer wearing a suit even more advanced than the Speedo full-body LZR Racer that helped Phelps rewrite the record books.

Good news, though: the world's top swimming organisation has banned the space-age suits, effective January 1, 2010.

Text your vote

You might think that the only time you'll be urged to text in your vote is for reality TV shows such as The X Factor. However in the US, viewers are asked to text vote for some meaningless, sponsored award, such as Diet Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year.

Similarly, at a game in the US, American's can text a comment for the privilege of seeing it appear on the big screen.

In the UK? Viewers and web surfers are encouraged to text for man of the match, even when they're not at the game. And does anyone really benefit from phone ins and text ins.


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