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5 sport technologies we love... and 5 we hate

Tech has changed sport, not always for the better

Many technologies can enhance a fan's enjoyment of sport. Some others are just plain annoying. Here's five that we love and five that we're not so keen on.

When it comes to technology, its had an affect on all aspects of life, including sport. Many technologies can enhance a fan's enjoyment of sports. Some others are just plain annoying. Here's five that we love.

High-tech stadiums

They've not yet made it to the UK yet but in the US sports fans are being treated to some really cool, interactive technology at state-of-the-art arenas that make use of Cisco's StadiumVision, which "allows fans to interact with the event experience by taping and accessing instant replays on a handheld device and sharing it with other participants, or with anyone on the internet".

The Cowboys stadium in Dallas is one such stadium and it also features the world's largest HDTV and 3,000 HD displays featuring customised game footage and real-time information.

Streaming internet video

The problem with being a sports fan, is years ago, you needed to be at home and near your TV (which no doubt that had a subscription to a sports channel) to catch all of your team's games.

But now, with league- and team-sponsored video services, fans can catch live, high-quality game feeds no matter where they are, as long as they've got an connection and a fast enough computer.

Sky Player

Be honest, you've spent a bit of this summer watching the Ashes on Sky Player, right?

Broadband speed test

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