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  • News: Microsoft to make the case for new Exchange version

    Microsoft will lay out the reasons it believes enterprises need to adopt the new version of its Exchange email server at a conference this week devoted to the product.

  • News: SAP bundles analytic apps with IQ database

    SAP on Monday announced a new family of products that marry its Business Objects BI (business intelligence) software with the Sybase IQ analytic database and include specialized business content for use by various industries.

  • News: Apprenda wants you to build your apps for the cloud ... for free

    Continuing on a theme of cloud vendors offering free or low-cost versions of their offerings, private platform-as-a-service (PaaS) company Apprenda this week launched a freemium "express" version of its application development service.

  • News: Forecast 2013: Giving top technologies a beta test

    Restaurant tabs paid by phone without showing a credit card. Advice on personnel issues available to managers on mobile phones. College students' lab work done at home through virtualized software. These are just some of the hot projects that IT shops are working on.

  • News: Forecast 2013: Building a better IT budget

    Eric Lindgren, CIO at PerkinElmer, will spend the next 12 months like many of his peers: hunting for cost savings that can be re-allocated to high-impact technology initiatives, such as mobility and analytics. As part of this effort, his IT group will continue to streamline the company's application portfolio, move last year's acquisitions onto its corporate-standard ERP platform and shift some fixed investments into more variable models via a private cloud.

  • News: 10 hot IT skills for 2013

    The number of companies planning to hire tech professionals continues to grow, with 33% of the 334 IT executives who responded to Computerworld's 2013 Forecast survey saying they plan to increase head count in the next 12 months.

  • News: Complete guide to network virtualization

    There are a number of emerging and proposed standard protocols focused on optimizing the support that data center Ethernet LANs provide for server virtualization. Several of these protocols are aimed at network virtualization via the creation of multiple virtual Ethernet networks that can share a common physical infrastructure in a manner that is somewhat analogous to multiple virtual machines sharing a common physical server.

  • News: Iran blocks access to Gmail and Google, Internet users say

    The Iranian government appears to have blocked access to Google's search engine and Gmail webmail service from inside Iran, according to Internet users there.

  • News: Pirate Party lands its first mayorship

    "I've just ousted Eliane as the Mayor of Eichberg!," announced Alex Arnold in a Twitter message Sunday evening after winning the local election in the Swiss town of Eichberg. Arnold, elected with more than 60 percent of the vote, is the first Pirate Party member ever to become a mayor.

  • News: Oracle releases free ADF Essentials

    In an effort to expand programmer awareness, Oracle has released a free version of its Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF).

  • News: Want to telework? Not so fast, IT

    IT pro spend their days figuring out how to support a mobile workforce that can operate wholly off-site, yet the telework perk remains elusive for them.

  • News: IT growth expected, if Washington fosters stability

    Analysts have lowered their tech spending forecasts, blaming Europe, a slowdown in China and a stronger U.S. dollar. But they say the stage could be set for future growth -- if the politicians don't blow it.

  • News: GM 'insources,' set to hire 10,000 IT pros

    GM plans to hire 10,000 IT professionals as it discontinues outsourcing arrangements and pulls most of its IT work back in-house.

  • News: Netfix to ditch data center, embrace cloud

    Netflix no longer wants to run a data center to support its in-house IT services. So it's shifting internal applications to Amazon's cloud and turning to software-as-a-service providers for other business systems.

  • News: Microsoft Windows 8 Appfest Sets Guinness World Record

    Microsoft Windows 8 Appfest, held at Karnataka Trade Promotion Organization (KTPO) in the outskirts of Bangalore, set a new Guinness world record as 2567 app developers coded for 18 hours straight. However, Microsoft had expected at least 3500 developers to last through the attempt.

  • News: Oracle database flaw deemed serious, could expose data

    With brute-force attack, intruder can gain access

  • News: Cyber espionage campaign targets energy companies

    Hackers using a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) named Mirage have been engaged in a systematic cyber espionage campaign against a Canadian energy company, a large oil firm in the Philippines and several other entities since at least this April, Dell's SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit says.

  • News: Lawmakers: FCC may have rushed LightSquared decision

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission rushed to judgment in giving permission in early 2011 for startup LightSquared to offer LTE service in a band of wireless spectrum next to a band used by GPS devices, several U.S. lawmakers said Friday.

  • News: Salesforce responds to UK criticism on no EU data centre

    Salesforce’s chief scientist has rebuffed a UK customer’s criticism of the company’s lack of an EU data centre by saying that frustration largely comes from a legal standpoint, rather than practical concerns to do with latency and security.

  • News: Facebook to delete all European facial recognition data

    Facebook has complied with most, but not all, of the recommendations that the Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) set last year, the agency said Friday.

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