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  • News: Microsoft improves photo management in SkyDrive

    Microsoft is rolling out changes to SkyDrive to enhance management of photos in the cloud storage service, including more efficient viewing and uploading of files.

  • News: Google triples free storage to 15GB

    Google said it is increasing the amount of free storage for users of its Google Drive cloud storage service to 15 GB.

  • News: Verizon Enterprise Solutions chief: 'We build infrastructure at scale'

    In the battle for the next generation of enterprise IT, John Stratton carries a lot of weapons. Stratton is president of Verizon Enterprise Solutions, the nearly $30 billion unit formed just over a year ago to deliver networking, cloud, mobility, managed security, telematics and a host of other services in a more coordinated fashion for Verizon's top enterprise buyers. Building on a traditionally strong base of wired and wireless network services, Verizon Enterprise also blends in acquired assets like cloud hosting company Terremark, security company Cybertrust and Hughes Telematics. In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, Stratton spoke with Chief Content Officer John Gallant about Verizon Enterprise's progress since its inception, including a dramatic streamlining of internal systems and processes designed to make life much easier for the company's customers. Stratton also discussed the company's suite of services aimed at simplifying life for IT teams struggling with mobility and the influx of consumer devices, and he talked candidly about the prospects for a third mobile platform to rival Apple's iOS and Google's Android. He also talked about how cloud is reshaping the IT landscape and hinted at a series of major upcoming cloud announcements from Verizon Enterprise. Also, he explained how the "Internet of Things" is creating powerful new business opportunities for Verizon and its enterprise customers.

  • News: Labor Department hackers more sophisticated than most

    Security pro says attacks designed for further breaches, noting, 'They're not gathering this information and sending it home for no reason'

  • News: Opinion: How Adobe Creative Cloud left me amused, perplexed and infuriated

    James Nolan, founder of Stoke Ripley Creative, gives his experiences of moving to Adobe Creative Cloud.

  • News: Harmon.ie aims to close the mobile gap in Office 365

    A new mobile application from Harmon.ie promises to improve the way people use Microsoft Office 365 from iOS, BlackBerry and Android tablets and phones.

  • News: 5 pioneering paths for software development's new frontier

    Size (and mobility) matters. As desktop PCs lose ground to tablets and smartphones, and the cloud becomes a more mainstream means for software deployment, desktop applications are being elbowed aside by mobile apps and Web services, resulting in a significant shift in the way software is created.

  • News: How Big Data Can Improve Marketing and Customer Service

    Big data is poised to help marketers reach and engage customers and prospects in ways that businesses are only now starting to understand. Enterprises that don't embrace analytics may soon see embattled customers voting with their wallets.

  • News: Japan's DoCoMo to use mobile data to monitor traffic jams

    NTT DoCoMo, Japan's largest mobile carrier, will use location data from its 61.5 million subscriber devices to build a platform that monitors traffic conditions across the country.

  • News: Gov invests $10m in another eHealth initiative

    The Federal Government will invest $10 million in an eHealth initiative which will enable people to provide information on the health care they wish to receive at the end of their life.

  • News: Survey: Risk to organisational data an ongoing cloud security concern

    While companies have become more comfortable with the security of third-party cloud service providers, data security--particularly at the end user level--as well as concerns over meeting compliance requirements, remain top-of-mind among cloud adopters. This is the conclusion of a cloud security survey commissioned by NetIQ.

  • News: Virginia Tech researchers create underwater spy robot

    Researchers at Virginia Tech have built an autonomous, robotic jellyfish that could someday work as an underwater military spy.

  • News: What's old is new again: Spammers revived old schemes in March quarter

    Volumes remain steady as junkmeisters return to old spam scams

  • News: Space station springs a leak; NASA preps spacewalk to fix it

    Astronauts on board the International Space Station are preparing for a possible spacewalk tomorrow to repair an ammonia leak.

  • News: Coding and technology essential for an educated youth, says Gove

    Education secretary Michael Gove has said that in order for future generations to call themselves educated, they will need to be able to code, as well as understand and influence technology.

  • News: SAP expands reach of app store, looks to improve reviews

    You know you're not in iTunes anymore when the app you're eyeing has a US$1,050 price tag, but SAP is nonetheless expanding its online shopping experience in a bid to entice its customers to purchase enterprise software the way they shop on their smartphones.

  • News: eBay bids on big data challenge

    Trying to make sense of the estimated 100 terabytes of new data received every day led eBay to start using big data platforms.

  • News: When cars talk, this is what they'll tell each other

    Researchers are developing machine-to-machine (M2M) communication technology that allows cars to exchange data with each other, meaning vehicles will soon know what the cars all around you are doing on the highway.

  • News: Icahn, Southeastern make alternative bid for Dell

    Investor Carl Icahn and Southeastern Asset Management have made a counter-offer for Dell that would keep the computer company still publicly traded, according to reports.

  • News: Backlash begins against Adobe's subscription-only plan

    A petition on Change.org demanding that Adobe back away from its subscription-only model for its creativity software, including PhotoShop, has collected over 4,400 signatures by late Thursday.

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