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  • News: New e-paper is 'better than newspapers', says NEC

    NEC is to demonstrate new electronic paper (e-paper) displays at the FPD International exhibition in Japan tomorrow that are said to offer higher visibility than newspapers.

  • News: Samsung shows off world's thinnest LCD TV

    Samsung has unveiled the world's thinnest flat panel TV.

  • News: Joost launches Flash-based online video service

    Joost has launched a web-based video service that uses Flash.

  • News: New Sharp TVs have built-in Blu-ray recorders

    Sharp is to launch the first LCD TVs with built-in Blu-ray Disc recorders. The sets will go on sale in Japan next month, and are expected to hit Europe in 2009.

  • News: Warning letters to deter illegal downloaders

    Three quarters of illegal file sharers would stop if they were warned about their activity by their ISP, says Entertainment Media Research (EMR).

  • News: Microsoft sues DHL over 21,000 lost Xboxes

    Microsoft is suing DHL Express, claiming that the cargo-delivery service lost 21,600 Xbox game consoles.

  • Video: James Bond Quantum of Solace trailer

    Blending first person shooter and third-person action, the Quantum of Solace video puts you in control of Bond's greatest weapon... his mind. Based on both the Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale films, here's a preview of the Quantum of Solace video game. Get free games downloads. Visit PC Advisor's dedicated Games website to download hundreds of the latest titles, to read gaming news and reviews and to pick up tips and discuss your favourite games in the popular PC Advisor Games forum

  • News: The 11 best downloadable games revealed

    Fed up of forking out pocketfulls of cash for the latest must-have games? Then check out our list of the top 11 downloadable games - much kinder to your wallet.

  • News: 'New Xbox Experience' announced for Xbox Live

    Microsoft has announced it is reworking the interface for its Xbox Live service the largest social network of its kind with 14 million members.

  • News: Panasonic sets 300m 'world record' for TV sales

    Panasonic claimes to have set a world record by selling its 300 millionth TV set.

  • News: YouTube clips get iTunes 'click-to-buy' links

    YouTube is now embedding 'click-to-buy' links in videos to make it easier for people watching YouTube content to buy products that interest them.

  • News: Film industry forces suspension of RealDVD sales

    RealNetworks has been ordered to suspend sale of its RealDVD software, which is designed to allow users to copy and store films taken from a DVD to a hard drive.

  • Video: Sony unveils a prototype OLED TV that's just 0.9mm thin

    Sony has unveiled a prototype OLED television that's less than a millimetre thin - that's one third the thickness of its current OLED television and a tenth that of its thinnest LCD (liquid crystal display) set.

  • News: Video: Sony OLED TV is less than 1mm thick

    Sony has unveiled a prototype OLED TV that's less than a millimeter thin - that's one third the thickness of its current OLED television and a tenth that of its thinnest LCD (liquid crystal display) set.

  • News: Sanyo laser to create super-fast Blu-ray

    Sanyo Electric has developed a blue laser diode that will help lay the ground toward higher capacity and faster Blu-ray Disc systems.

  • News: The 32 best PC games revealed

    When it comes to gaming, the PC beats any console hands-down. We've put together a list of 32 must-have PC games.

  • News: Nintendo DSi UK launch date revealed

    Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said in a newspaper interview that the Nintendo DSi would launch overseas 'probably' in 2009. And at a US event, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime suggested that the device would appear in the UK in the Spring of 2009.

  • Video: Nintendo's update to the DS Lite: the DS-i

    In Tokyo on Thursday Nintendo announced the DS-i, an update to its DS Lite handheld. The slimmer DS-i has two digital cameras.

  • Video: Azteca trailer

    Addictive, challenging and hours of fun, Azteca is a great puzzle game. Solve incredible puzzles by matching the checkered clay disks and collect arcane letters which will unravel tales of untold secrets. You can download Azteca from PC Advisor Games.

  • News: BT I-Plate helps ISPs boost broadband by 1.5Mbps

    ADSL customers can look forward to a free broadband speed boost, after BT Wholesale started delivering a new piece of hardware to ISPs that filters out the electrical interference in the home to provide more stable connections and faster downloads for many customers.

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