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Google Glass to enable (something like) telekinesis

A new Google Glass patent describes a method of controlling smart objects remotely with little more than a nod or wave of the finger.

A new patent application for Google Glass would enable the future specs to identify and remotely control objects such as garage doors and refrigerators. On one hand, this is a natural evolution of technology, but if you step back, this patent is really describing a work-around form of telekinesis.

First highlighted in a report on Engadget, the patent (boring deets here) would allow Glass to recognize a controllable object via visual identification, RFID, Bluetooth, or even QR codes. Once identified, Glass would place an overlay in the user's vision that would present them with options such as "open garage door." These smart objects connected via wifi or otherwise enabled could then be controlled by Glass.

From what we've seen of Glass, users will interact with the device mostly by vocal commands. According to the patent application, users could also control objects with either vertical or horizontal head nods that could be interpreted as "yes" or "no" or with a "gesture of the wearer's finger toward the virtual control interface [that] may be interpreted as a 'Yes.'" Additionally, the patent also mentions that the wearer may "actuate a button or interact with a touchpad on the wearable computing device."

While nothing within this patent application might appear to be a giant technological leap forward from our contemporary vantage point, taken as a whole, this really could be described as some Jean Grey sort of ability (with a bit of Geordie La Forge thrown in for good measure). We can simply look at an object and bring it under our will with little more than a nod of the head or swipe of the finger.

That's some super hero stuff right there.

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